Sundays on Silverado #8

The Weekly Recap:

Saying goodbye to RBG…

The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was yet another heinous blow dealt to us by 2020. I’ve always had a deep admiration for her, but I was caught off guard by the level of despair I felt at her passing.

I’ve had this mask since mid-summer, but wearing it this week felt even more significant.

And I read RBG’s biography a couple of years ago, when it was first published, but now feels like a good time to read it again.

These are two of the better articles I’ve read that sum up some of the monumental strides Justice Ginsberg made for women:

USA Today: Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in state: 8 other strides she made for women

Forbes: How The World’s Most Powerful Women Are Mourning The Death Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ginsburg believed in giving credit to the women on whose shoulders we stand. And now, we stand on hers. “Every woman has to wonder,” doctor and activist Esther Choo, “where would I be right now, if not for the influence of RBG?”

A visit to Cedar Falls..

We got to go visit my daughter and her husband, which was the highlight of my week! They live about 2 hours away, and this pandemic has been hard. I haven’t seen nearly as much of them as I’d like during the past few months.

Every time I do get to see them though, it gives my spirit a boost that lasts for several days. We had lunch outside on a patio, we got to see all the progress they’ve made renovating their home, and we got a tour of my son-in-law’s new office space for his business and the home he’s renovating for We Build Waterloo.

My son-in-law started his own construction company literally the week before the pandemic hit! Even in the midst of this mess, the kid is making things happen. And this week, he leased his first office space in a historic building in downtown Waterloo.

The new home for Rosemont Companies….

Look at the little mail slot in the bottom of this vintage door!
His office has a great view of downtown Waterloo.

We also got a tour of the project he’s currently working on with We Build Waterloo. He’s teaching construction trades through Hawkeye Community College to a group of young adults with barriers to employment . They are working on a house built in 1893, to renovate it, and turn it into affordable housing for a family who would not otherwise be able to own their own home.

See the logo for his company in the middle?
Signatures from some of the students who worked on the project.

I love old houses, so it was fun to actually see the project that I’ve heard so much about these past few months. And I feel like I hit the jackpot! See that old door in the background, complete with the orginial hardware? I am now the proud owner of it, and several other 100+ year-old doors and knobs, plus a couple of orignal iron floor grates that were headed to the dumpster. Jackpot! The perks of being related to the project manager. 😍

After lunch and our tours, we went back to my daughter’s house where I surprised her with her own Ribbon and Burlap Wreath similar to the one I made for myself last week. It looks so cute on her front door.

And then we got a tour of their basement that is almost finished. They bought this house a couple of years ago, and have fully renovated it from top to bottom. They got the main level done shortly before their wedding last year (see shiplap in the photo above? 😍) and then began finishing the basement a few months ago. The parents’ suite is nearly finished and so is the bar!

Trim work and flooring, and the basement will be done!

How cool is this bar they built themselves? Just needs hardware and a fridge in the little cutout!

It was such a good day and made this mama happy.

Back to School: This made me laugh…

It could not be more true. So tired. All. The. Time.

Wrapping up the garden….

Despite being tired, I managed to preserve some of the last things coming out of the garden. We’ve invested so much time and energy in that garden this year that I couldn’t stand to let anything go to waste.

I picked the last of the ripe tomatoes, and got them canned. I haven’t canned tomatoes in years, so I’m super excited to be able to use them in homemade chili this winter, like my mom always did.

Roots & Branches Harvest Stainless Steel Canner

I picked most of the fresh basil, now that cool nights are upon us, and dried it to use all winter. I found these cute little mini mason jars to store it in.

Ball 4 oz Mini Mason Jars

Hello Fresh

We are still getting our 3 meals per week from Hello Fresh, and filling in the gaps on our own with simple dinners like charcuterie trays, grilled cheese, or popcorn. And when even that is too much…. curbside pickup to the rescue.

I’m hoping that more cooking will start happening again soon, but right now, we have to take some short cuts somewhere in order to keep up.

Another new neighbor… 🐴

My favorite way to decompress after a long day at school is to sit outside and just enjoy all the surrounding nature. My “classroom” at school literally used to be a book storage closet for the libarary, so it’s tiny and has no windows. 😒 By 3:30, I crave sunshine and fresh air.

Lately, these guys have provided some entertainment. They’re new arrivals to the farm that connects to our property, and so fun to watch. Woody is the yearling in the back, and the little buckskin foal is named Vinny. 😍

Sundays on Silverado Features:

I love looking through each and every post that you all link up each week. Wow, you guys are so talented!

Rae Dunn Inspired Fall Signs by kippi at home

These signs are right up my alley and as soon as I saw them, I knew I’d be following Kippi’s tutorial to make them. Visit her post for a free download of the font even! This will be happening at my house soon….

Fall Themed Tiered Tray by Living on Cloud Nine

You all know how much I love deocorating my tiered tray, and this one is simply adorable! I love that little string of pennants hanging off the top tier. You’re giving me ideas, Andrea… 😃

Fall Centerpiece in the Dining Room by The Crowned Goat

White dishes (especially ironstone) are some of my favorite things, too. And this week, there were two link-ups of absolutely beautiful cabinets filled with lovely white dishes! I have a couple of white ironstone soup tureens also, including one exactly like the one in the top left corner. After seeing this picture, I may need more…

September in the Holiday Cupboard by Common Ground

White dishes and white pumpkins? Mix in some traditional fall colors, and this cabinet is perfect for the season.

Grab my button below if you were featured this week, so you can show off your talent!

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9 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #8

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Fall dining room, Niky, I really appreciate it. I love the wreath you made for your daughter. It’s beautiful and looks amazing with her front door. Hope your week is a special one, CoCo

  2. Hi Niky, thanks so much for sharing my Holiday Cupboard today. Love seeing your tribute for RBG, such an amazing person. I’ve found so much inspiration from her life this week. Have a wonderful week!

    1. You are right, Marie. These kids give me a lot to be proud of. 💕 Also, thank you for always taking time to leave thoughtful comments, Marie. Your blog is an inspiration and your feedback is always so encouraging. 🙂

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