More Great Amazon Prime Finds–September 2021

I’m linking up with Tanya again for more monthly great Amazon Prime finds! Scroll down to check them all out…

Oversized King Duvet Cover Set with Zipper

Okay, yes, this was actually an Amazon purchase from the end of August, but we’ve used it for a month now, and I’m here to tell you how much I love it! It’s soft, well-made, washable, pretty, and for the price, it’s a steal of a deal. I’m beginning to get the bed already for winter nesting, and this duvet is perfect.

Sweet Water Hello Pumpkin Candle

I love Sweet Water candles. My favorite is the Farmhouse Candle, but this Pumpkin scented one has all the fall scents mixed into one– pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, vanilla. So yummy. There are other fall scents to chose from too. Plus they are made of soy and burn pretty clean. Love them.

Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar

I bought two of these recently for my Laundry Room Refresh. They work great for adding some extra task lighting under your cabinets, are battery-operated, and are super easy to install.

iPhone Chargers, 10 foot, 3 pack

I love these phone chargers because they are extra long and flexible. I use it beside the bed so I can have my phone plugged in, but still use it at the same time. It easily reaches to the outlet behind the night stand and still gives plenty of extra length.

Command Clear Cord Clips

I bought these for my classroom, to attach an extension cord to the wall so nobody trips over it. Super handy.

LED Garage, Shop, Storage Room Lights

These are my favorite purchase for the month! We recently went to a home builders show, where local builders showcased their work with some lovely homes that you could tour. In one of the basements, they had these LED lights that brightened up the whole storage area. As soon as I saw it, I knew we needed it. FOUR to be exact. We put 3 in the basement storage area and 1 in the garage. You simply unscrew your light bulb and twist this LED gadget right into the socket instead. Instantly you have so much more light! We were actually talking about paying an electrician to come add more lighting to our storage area because it was so dark, and this totally solved our problem for less than $30 bucks for a 2-pack!

Clear Soda Can Lids- 6 pieces

These are handy little toppers that suction onto the top of your can. I drink a lot of Spindrift sparkling water, and this keeps the bugs out when I’m outside.

BBQ Grill Oven Gloves,932℉ Heat Resistant

My husband got these for using on when he’s smoking meats or grilling.

Painting Supplies

I’m still trying to decided what color to paint the antique buffet I bought recently, but I went ahead and purchased the other supplies I need, so I have them when I’m ready to get started.

Howard Products Restor-A-Finish

This product is great on furniture that you don’t want to paint, or strip and refinish. It shines it up, fills in small cracks, and removes water stains. I used it on a little walnut antique side table that was my mom’s, and it gave it a whole new life.

That’s all for this month (except for alllll the baby and baby shower-related things that I can’t show you yet, so my daughter won’t see it.)

If you’re in the mood for a little fall home decor shopping, you might also want to check out this post of some of my favorite Amazon finds for fall.

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2 thoughts on “More Great Amazon Prime Finds–September 2021

  1. That candle sounds like the perfect combination of fall scents! I am going to have to tell my mother in law about the restore a finish product; she just took her stuff out of storage and a few of her wood pieces look a bit worse for wear and she was wondering what to do with them.

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