DIY Step 2 Play Kitchen Makeover with Spray Paint

DIY Kids' Play Kitchen Makeover

This DIY play kitchen makeover with spray paint was a fun and easy project that kept a pre-loved toy out of the landfill and allowed me to customize it for a new generation of future chefs.

Thrift Store Kids Sale

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a giant warehouse sale filled with children’s toys, clothing, and baby items. It was held on the weekend with Sunday being the “50% off everything” day, which is when I went.

I was worried there wouldn’t be much left, but this is what I saw when I arrived…

kids thrift sale

I mean, the place was still packed with items, and everything was half off! I got there just as they were opening, before a lot of people had shown up, so I made a first quick pass through the store to see what I could find.

Step 2 Plastic Play Kitchen

There was an entire row of play kitchens in all shapes, sizes, and prices. After inspecting them all, I settled on this one, because it was the perfect size for the grandbabies to play with at Gigi & Pops’ house.

It was in rough shape, but I knew it would make a fun DIY project with just a little bit of paint and some creativity.

DIY Toy Kitchen Upcycle

DIY Step 2 Play Kitchen Makeover with Spray Paint

Cleaning It Up

The first step was to give this kids’ kitchen a good cleaning. 

In not much time, I had all the parts of the kitchen disassembled by removing just a few screws.  I set the various plastic parts in the driveway and hosed them off.  Then, using Dawn Powerwash and a Scrub Daddy, I scrubbed the whole thing until it was as clean as my real kitchen!

Next, I used fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the bottom edge where the plastic had deeper scratches. 

One of the only things that was difficult during this whole project was removing the old torn and faded original stickers.  

It took me a long time to soak, scrape, and repeat over the course of a couple of days.  I alternated between Dawn Powerwash and Goo Gone and it was still my least favorite part of this otherwise fun project. 

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I purchased this Wagner Spray Shelter Tent for this project, and wow, do I wish I’d had it for some of my previous projects!  

It made the painting process so much easier and cleaner.  It uses a furnace filter on the inside and a box fan in the back to pull the paint fumes away from you.  Plus, it blocks any wind and keeps the overspray inside the tent.  

I used a piece of cardboard under my project to prevent too much paint build-up on the bottom of the tent. A piece of foam poster board would work well, too.

Plus, this handy little spray can handle is a good idea to make spray painting easier, especially if you’re doing a big project like this one.

Kids Step 2 plastic play kitchen makeover

I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint for this entire project because it bonds tightly to plastic. It has a built-in primer, but I also applied a base coat of primer just because this mini kitchen is going to get some wear and tear from kids and I wanted to ensure the paint would last. I’m not sure that step is necessary, but I thought it would provide a bit of extra “insurance”.

Paint Colors:

Since I was going for a “farmhouse kitchen vibe” for my play kitchen makeover, I used a combination of gray and white paint shades, but you can use any paint color you prefer.  That’s the beauty of a DIY project like this!  

The kitchen faucet, oven knobs, and cabinet handles were already a stainless steel color that was in good shape, so I did not paint those and instead left them in their original state. If you wanted to create a trendy look, using a gold paint on your kitchen hardware would look so pretty!

Spray Painting

Once I got the kitchen cleaned and taken apart, the actual painting part went pretty quickly.  I applied one coat of primer (in two different colors) to the whole kitchen.  


Then, I applied two light coats of white paint to the top section of cabinets, and two light coats of charcoal gray to the base cabinet.  

Diy spray tent

Two main things to remember when applying spray paint:

  1. Hold the can about 12″ from the surface and spray back and forth to avoid air bubbles and drips (if you do get drips, you can lightly sand them with fine-grit sandpaper and reapply paint in that area)
  2. Temps should be between 50 and 90 degrees with relatively low humidity.  I try to paint early in the morning during the summer and bring my pieces inside to finish drying.  Too much humidity extends drying time and can cause your piece to be sticky.

The countertop and sink are granite gray.  The appliance doors are metallic aluminum. I taped off the appliance windows with painter’s tape and sprayed them black.

Finishing Touches

Kids Farmhouse Play Kitchen Makeover
I was happy to discover that the microwave buttons still work, and just needed new batteries!

The area over the sink used to have a faded and peeling sticker that I removed.  I used my Cricut to print a simple “Farmhouse Kitchen” decal using permanent black vinyl.  It was so simple and such a cute touch. 

DIY kids play kitchen

The center of the kitchen has a little area that used to hold a coffee maker according to the pics I found online.  Since that piece is long gone, I bought this adorable little plant at Dollar Tree that fits perfectly and adds a pretty pop of fresh color. 

Stove top

At the same sale where I purchased this play kitchen, I also bought this brand new unopened package of play food for a great price.  The olive oil and salt & pepper shakers are an adorable touch sitting behind the stove.

Play food

Finally, I added a small battery-operated touch light under the cabinet above the sink to illuminate the back of the kitchen. I think my granddaughter will love it! 

over the sink light
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play kitchen makeover

DIY Step 2 Play Kitchen Makeover with Spray Paint

This once-faded and shabby little kitchen has come a long way.  In my opinion, it’s even better than a brand-new kitchen because it’s made with love and customized exactly how I want it.  

​Plus, it cost only $15 dollars and the cost of a few cans of spray paint.  If you have leftover paint hanging around your house, you can make it for even less.

I’m so excited for the next visit from the grandbabies, so little Evie can whip us up some “farmhouse” meals in this sweet little kitchen.

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  1. Niky, you play kitchen “remodel” is wonderful!!!! I hope to see some pics of Evie playing in it! I remember having years of fun with my cardboard play kitchen, and this one will be even more fun for your grandchild and so much more durable!!! Great job!!! – Patty

  2. Wow you have me wanting to cook lol very nicely done👏 wish I had small children I would attempted to this
    Your home is beautiful always a pleasure to read your Emails Thank You for sharing

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