Signs of Spring…

It might possibly, maybe, I’m not entirely sure, but perhaps… be approaching spring around here. And let me tell you, I’ve never needed it more than I do this year. Yes, it was a looooong winter this year in the midwest in general. We had storm on top of storm, causing the snow to pile up. We recorded some of the coldest temps in Iowa’s history. There were wild winds, rain and floods. And it all came right on the heels of the most painful year of my life. God knows, 2018 was a year that challenged me to my core. It was peppered with grief, loss, adjustment, stress, worry, and change after change after change. And yet, there were so many good, and sweet, and happy moments, too. So many examples of support, and grace and love. So many times when I literally was overwhelmed with gratitude for the gifts and people that God delivered just in time to bring me through it.

Yes, it’s starting to feel like spring around here. Does that mean that all feels right with the world again? No, not quite yet. And maybe it never will completely. But there is a touch of warmth in the air, the birds are chirping, and the air feels fresh. Hurry up, spring… you’ve been away too long.

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