Farmhouse Valentine Vignette

Today I’m joining several other talented bloggers to share some inspiration for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the links to several other fun Valentine’s Day crafts and home decor. It’s one stop shopping!

My Valentine Vignette

The weeks between Christmas and spring are hard to decorate. Once all the Christmas decorations come down, I feel like the house looks a little bare. So, I use this time to decorate with small vignettes that are easy, temporary, and seasonal.

This weekend, I set up a Valentine Vignette on my entryway table. This spot was bare after the Christmas items got packed away, but I wasn’t quite ready to put back all the “regular” stuff I usually have there. The answer was a short term Valentine Vignette that adds some variation on what I usually have on the entry table, and ties to the season. I get bored with things always looking the same, and I have fun changing things up. Little seasonal vignettes keep things interesting.

I like how this vignette has a Valentine flair to it, but still fits in with my farmhouse decor. Plus, I used only things I already had. I literally bought nothing new for this. I just experimented with things I already owned until I had something I was satisfied with.

Brown Paper Covered Books

Aren’t these books cute? And they are so easy. These happen to be vintage books that I’ve collected over the years, but you can use any books you have on hand. What I love about this is that it won’t damage your books in any way.

Plus, it took me back to my junior high years, when we had to make brown paper book covers for all our text books! It came right back to me! I simply folded them the same way that I remembered from when I was in school. The cover isn’t attached to the book in any way, so it won’t cause damage. Remember how when you were in school and the teachers would yell at you if you taped the book cover to the text book? 😳 Memories…. Now I’m a middle school teacher and the kids don’t even have text books anymore. Oh how times have changed.

I used brown butcher paper from the Dollar Tree that was left over from my charcuterie spread at Christmas, but you could even use brown paper grocery bags to do this. That’s what we used for our school books back in the day!

After I covered them, I wrote each of our children’s names on the spine with a black sharpie. I ❤️this so much. I mean, Valentines Day is about honoring the people we love, and my husband and I are lucky enough to have four beautiful kids. I love how they are represented in this Valentines Vignette.

Finally, I tied the books together with some rustic twine for that farmhouse finishing touch, and placed the stack on a silver tray from Dollar Tree.


I love these tulips. They are artificial, but look real. I have collected several different colors over the past few months. These bright pink ones came from Howell’s Tree Farm in our local area, but I often see them at many flea markets for a reasonable price.

I even bought some white ones at Hy-Vee, marked down to half price in their floral shop when they were clearancing out the spring merchandise.

Flea Market Tulips
The foyer table has a mirror above it, and the stair railing is reflected in the mirror.

White Creamer Pitcher

I arranged my tulips in this cute little creamer pitcher from my china cabinet. I use it as a creamer sometimes, but also as a vase for small flower arrangements.

Family Pictures

What’s better for a Valentine display than photos of the the people you love? The entryway table holds senior pictures of all four kids, and the bottom level holds wedding photos–Mark’s and my wedding, as well as our oldest daughter’s recent wedding.

Mixed in with these pics is another box sign that says “The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things“. I love this quote. In my previous home, I had it stenciled on the wall over the kids’ senior pictures. When I found it as a box sign, I snatched it up to use here on this entry table with their senior pics at the new house.

The entry way table was purchased with a HomeMakers gift card that my parents gave Mark and me as a wedding gift. I love that memory as well.

Do you see that wall timer next to the entry table? I have several of the lights around my house on timers like that. I love the way the lights just start automatically coming on about the time it starts to get dark out. Plus, they are set to go off about the time we typically go to bed. We don’t have to go around turning lights on and off, and it keeps the house warmly and comfortably lit. These are the ones I have and they work great!

BN-LINK Indoor Timers Plug ...Shop on Amazon

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Pink Tulips

The bright pink is perfect for Valentines Day, and a nice pop of color in my very neutral gray and cream colored decor, but these tulips come in many different color options.

StillCool Artificial Flower...Shop on Amazon

White Creamer (as a Vase)

This white creamer gets used as an actual creamer (like at my mother-in-law’s birthday tea party), but it gets used just as often as a vase for small flower arrangements.

HengTianCheng 4-Piece Appet...Shop on Amazon

Farmhouse Wood Beads

I just recently ordered this exact set of wooden beads, and am enjoying finding many uses for them already! I currently have the large one in this Valentine Vignette, and the two smaller ones hanging on a lamp, and around my large green glass vintage jar. Similar to this:

Sivya 3Pcs Farmhouse Beads ...Shop on Amazon

Gray Buffalo Check Placemat

These are so versatile! I have a whole set, and I sometimes use them as actual placements on the dinner table, but just as often I use them as an accent piece to a vignette.

DII Gingham Check Tabletop ...Shop on Amazon

Small Wood Box Sign

I got my Be Happy box sign at Kohls several years ago, but these signs available on Amazon are adorable, and would work perfectly for a Valentines Vignette!

Primitives by Kathy Distres...Shop on Amazon Primitives by Kathy 34248 R...Shop on Amazon Primitives by Kathy Hand-Le...Shop on Amazon

Willow Tree Angels

Oh, how I love my Willow Tree Angels! My children gifted them to me for various birthdays, Mothers Days, and Christmases over many years. I have several and I cherish them. At my previous home, I had built-in shelves flanking the fire place that were the perfect place to display them all. In our new home, there isn’t a great place to showcase them all, so instead I pull them out for different displays. The “With Love” Angel holding a beautiful red heart, and the “Sign for Love” Angel both were ideal for this Valentines display. ❤️

Willow Tree with Love Angel...Shop on Amazon Willow Tree Remembrance Ang...Shop on Amazon


I got my XOXO sign at Hobby Lobby recently. I saw it and instantly knew it was coming home with me. I love it for two reasons. 1). My mom used to sign all her notes and cards with an XOXO for as long as I can remember. Whenever I see it now, it reminds me of her. 2). I sign my blog posts with an XOXO as a way of honoring my mom’s memory. When I saw the white XOXO table sign I used in this vignette, I knew it was just the thing for my office. You know, once I’m a successful blogger and need an office to do all my important blogging stuff. 🤣😂

This one is a little different than mine, but still super cute!

XOXO BLOCKS for valentines,...Shop on Amazon

Rustic Twine (to tie around the books)

If you decide to make your own paper covered books, you’ll need some twine to tie around them for that rustic, farmhouse look.

KINGLAKE Natural Jute Twine...Shop on Amazon

Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holder

Mercury glass is one of those things that make my heart flutter. Oh, I love me some mercury glass. This chunky pillar candle holder gets used a lot.

Mercury Glass Lamp

I have multiple mercury glass lamps at my house. They have such an interesting finish and a little sparkle that works so well with the grays and neutrals in my farmhouse decor.

SAFAVIEH Lighting Collectio...Shop on Amazon

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25 thoughts on “Farmhouse Valentine Vignette

  1. I love the books and keep thinking about making some for my house but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. And tulips – I just adore the tulips! It is time for me to go get some more for this year. Thank you for sharing your post with us this week. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

  3. Your vignette is so cute. I love the books and beads as well as the figurine. It all just clicks and goes together. Thank you for sharing with #omhgww. Your article will be socialized if buttons are available. See you next week.

  4. The brown paper books are beautiful! I love the rustic look without having to damage the books. And it brought back a lot of memories of having to cover my books in high school!

  5. Niky, what a sweet Valentine’s entry table you’ve designed to greet your guests! I love the wood bead garland and the tulips in the white pitcher. The tulips look so real! I had to chuckle about covering the textbooks with brown paper bags. That definitely brought back memories from my youth! I want to check out the timer you have for your lights, too. Thanks for sharing! It was fun hopping with you!

    1. Hi Niky,

      This is perfect to celebrate the day of love. It has everything that says love. Your kids photos and the tulips look real.

      Yes, I remember getting told not to tape your bookcovers to school books.

      Amazing no books today.


  6. I loved seeing your Valentines Arrangement and enjoyed the pictures of your family. The table is so pretty as well. Once we both become famous at blogging we will need a office and there going to be so much fun to decorate.

  7. That whole table is just perfect for Valentine’s day from the tulips, to the books, to all the family photos. I just love it. Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  8. Love your sweet vignette. Tulips are so lovely. Thanks for sharing at Love Your Creativity. I shall be featuring this Farmhouse Valentine vignette on Sunday.

    1. Shelbee, thanks for your sweet comments! I hand wrote the kids’ names on the books, but today at Target, I found some adorable little alphabet stamps, and think I will try using them to stamp words/names on the spines if I do this again!

  9. You absolutely knocked it out of the park with this vignette. I love the simplicity, using things you already had along with the muted colors. Love it! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday.

    1. Aww, thanks Tanya. I appreciate your sweet comment! And thanks for giving me the opportunity to link up with your wonderful blog. I enjoy reading all of your posts, as well as those by the other bloggers who link to Hello Monday. 🥰

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