Woodland Themed Baby Shower

I just had the best weekend. You know, one of those times when you’re exhausted, but happy at the same time, because everything turned out just like you imagined. We hosted a Woodland Themed Baby Shower for my daughter and my soon-to-be grandbaby, and it was so lovely.

How to Host a Woodland Themed Baby Shower


Woodland themed baby shower invitations should be your first consideration. Because we know that our grandbaby-on-the-way is a girl, I wanted a woodland themed invite specifically for a girl.

I ended up selecting THESE from Etsy, because they are an instant download and I was pressed for time. I was able to download, customize, and send them to my local Office Max for printing and pick up the very next day.

Office Max printed them on nice, heavy cardstock, and I was able to purchase envelopes there, too.

Etsy has a wide selection of woodland baby shower girl and boy invites, so you can easily find something you like.

If you don’t want to bother with printing your own invites, I highly recommend Basic Invites. You can see my review HERE.

Basic Invites offers an address capturing service to make your job super easy. You can share a link on your social media to request the addresses of your friends and family. The addresses are stored in your account and can be selected during the design process.

Then, Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders! What a time-saver to not have to handwrite the addresses on all those invitations.


Etsy Woodland Baby Shower

Decorations are where you can really make your woodland themed baby shower come to life. Again, Etsy was my go-to place for all the cutest printable decor that I could customize to my liking.


To hang up in front of our fireplace, I purchased this printable banner from Etsy. It includes 8 different woodland animals and was easy to print and cut out. I attached it to some organza ribbon, and left some extra length on the ends to make some pretty curls. Less than $4 and only about 15 minutes of my time.

Food Labels

The thing I love about using printable downloads is that you can adapt them to your purpose. These little labels were meant to be used for a diaper raffle, which we did not do, but instead, I altered the text to use them as food lables for my cupcake flavors. It was so easy and worked perfectly.

Woodland baby shower printables for a Woodland Themed Baby Shower
Mama-to-Be Sash

The beautiful guest of honor got to wear this cute Mama Bear sash that I ordered from Etsy, too.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower Mama Bear Sash from Etsy
You can read all about the beautiful pink bookcase makeover, loaded with books, that I gave my daughter as a shower gift HERE.

Amazon Woodland Baby Shower Decorations

I was surprised by the variety of really cute woodland items that could be ordered on Amazon. I bought this set of woodland paper plates, napkins, cups and straws that came with enough for a party of 24, which worked out perfectly for our shower.

Amazon Woodland baby shower decorations-- plates and napkins for our Woodland Themed Baby Shower

I also ordered this set of cupcake toppers, which were an exact match to the little critters on the paper plates, as well as all of the Etsy printables I used.

They came already cut out, and all I had to do was attach the wooden picks to the back. (Two-sided tape pieces came with them, but I opted to use hot glue instead.)

I ordered the cupcakes from a local bakery, and then all I had to do the morning of the shower was stick a cute little topper in each cupcake.

Animal Decor
Woodland Themed Baby Shower decorations

The cute little straw animal figures I used came from Hobby Lobby and were part of their fall decorations. I’m not sure if you can currently find them in the store, but I’ve linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post that are available on Amazon.

Display them on a wood circle with some fresh flowers, and you have the perfect woodland centerpiece.

Stuffed Animals

Also from Amazon, I ordered several adorable little woodland stuffed animals. It was fun to strategically place them all around the room as if they were visiting from the forest. 🙂

An added benefit is that my daughter got to take them home as additional gifts for our sweet baby girl.


Games are a fun party of any shower! They get people mingling, talking, and laughing!

I ordered THIS bundle from Etsy which included 18 different woodland baby shower printables for games. I only used two of the games for our shower, but I loved that it came with lots of options to choose from.

The games were 5″x7″ and they printed two to a page. I used white cardstock and printed the second game on the back. Then, I just had to cut them in half, and each guest was given a card with two different games–one on the front and one on the back.

Etsy woodland baby shower printables
Here’s how it looked on my computer, while I customized it to my liking.

We played the baby animal game to begin with, and it was harder than you think! Fortunately, I had made a cheat sheet to pass out with all the answers to choose from, after everyone struggled and laughed for a little bit first. 🙂

Late Night Diapers

The game bundle that I ordered also included printables for a diaper raffle, a message for baby, and advice for mom and dad cards, as well as this “Late Night Diaper” printable sign. I was able to customize the wording a bit, and then download it in my choice of a 5×7 or 8×10.

I placed it in a frame I already had, and set up a cute display on my dining table with a package of diapers and Sharpies in several pretty colors.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower late night diapers and decorations

Over the course of the afternoon and evening, guests could take a diaper and write a message to the parents-to-be, not to be read until they are up for late-night diaper duty.

Once all 30 diapers contained messages, I packed them back in the Pampers package. Now, when baby is up in the wee hours needing a clean diaper, they will find words of inspiration, advice, or even funny jokes to make those late nights a bit easier.

Although I didn’t let the parents-to-be read them yet, I did, and some of them were quite creative!


We only played two games that required prizes, so I chose a couple of fun items and wrapped them up in plain white gift bags from the Dollar Tree that I embellished with more Etsy printables. These were just two more parts to the banner that I reprinted in a bit larger size and pasted on the front of the bags.

It’s an economical way to go because I’d already paid for the banner download, and this way the bags themselves served as more themed decoration for the table.

Etsy woodland baby shower printables


I ordered THESE woodland themed baby shower printables to make my guest party favors.

I really just got lucky on these easy succulent favors, because as we walked into Costo to purchase food for the party, they had a thousand of these mini succulents for $13 per 4-pack.

I instantly knew this was perfect for party favors, and thanks to Etsy, I was able to purchase the cute little “Watch Me Grow” onesie tags. I had them customized, printed, and glued to slim craft sticks on the back in less than an hour.

They made nice little gifts for guests to take home that will last for quite some time, as a memory of our fun shower and little baby H.


Creating the woodland themed baby shower food was so much fun!

We served a charcuterie spread, that included traditional charcuterie items, but we also included some cute woodland animal items like a hedgehog cheeseball and an owl-shaped veggie platter.

Woodland themed baby shower food
My favorite large, round wooden tray from Target’s Magnolia line was perfect for the charcuterie platter.

Another cute printable from Etsy made creating these customized water bottles super fast and easy, yet turned them into something a little more special than just plain water bottles.

I took a helping hand by ordering my cupcakes from a local bakery rather than making them myself, but I was still able to customize them with my Amazon woodland cupcake toppers and cute food labels.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower food


You know the party is a success when your afternoon shower extends into late evening, and you still have a full house, so pizzas get ordered, the punch bowl gets put away, and the wine and beer come out…

It was a good day.

We still have one more baby shower to go, where this time I get to be the guest, and before we know it, we’ll be saying hello to our sweet little Poppy.

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9 thoughts on “Woodland Themed Baby Shower

  1. What an amazing baby shower Niky! I love the woodland theme and all of the goodies and food you provided. The owl is adorable! Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  2. Now I want to throw a baby shower but I don’t know anyone that’s pregnant! LOL – Thanks for sharing at My Big Fat Menopausal Life’s Share the Wealth Party. Have a fabulous weekend. See you again after the 15th!

  3. This is a darling theme!
    Oh, my! That hedgehog! So so cute!
    I think this theme and the way you did it are just a very sweet and appropriate way to welcome a new baby! This would work just as well for a boy or a birthday party! I really love what you’ve done! The wood slabs, the overall feel is just nice. Maybe it’s because I live in the woods! 😉

    Thanks for your detailed post!
    I wish you would come and share this at the Homestead Blog Hop! Maybe you already did! If not, here’s a link. It’s going on now.

    God bless you!
    Ridge Haven Homestead

  4. I’ve been waiting for this post! Could it have been more perfect??? I think not! What an absolutely beautiful job you did putting this all together and what a wonderful memory for all of you. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  5. Niky, the baby shower looked so beautiful and fun! You are going to be a wonderful grandmother, enjoy every moment, it’s the best!

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