My hubs brought this very western side table home from an estate sale because he knew I’d like the bronzed horses running around all four sides.

He was right, I loved the metal portion of the table and knew it would be perfect for our three-season porch that overlooks the horse pasture. But the boot and stars on top? Um, no.

No big deal though, because I knew I could fix it right up with some things from my Dixie Belle stash.

First, I applied a coat of Slick Stick to make sure my paint had a good surface to adhere to.

Then, I covered that boot right up with this rich brown color called "Umber".

I made a quick and easy stencil on my Cricut of a Compass Rose.

Then I filled it in with this gorgeous coppery color so that it had a rich shimmer.

Look how gorgeous it turned out!

The Compass Rose stencil is so much better than the boot, don't you think? 

It looks so nice in our three-season porch.  It's pretty AND practical.  And all it took was a little paint.

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