A screened-in porch can add a lot of enjoyment to your home. Designing it so it can be built in stages over time makes it more affordable.

This porch didn’t begin as a three-season porch, Instead, this was a project that evolved over time.

The original home plans called for an open porch on this corner of the house.  Before beginning construction, we decided to adjust the design plans just slightly to turn this space into a screened-in porch

Screened-in porches are a great way to enjoy time outdoors at night because they provide extra protection from bugs. This thinking made the idea of the fireplace come to mind.

IHow nice would it be to enjoy a crisp evening on the screened porch with a fire going?

It was about this time that we visited a big home show downtown and came across EZE Breeze Windows.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that these adjustable windows would be a great addition to our space! They were quite affordable-- about 3K for the entire porch.

We added some outdoor furniture to create a cushy seating area with throw pillows, and a coffee table.

A dining table allows us to enjoy summer suppers without swatting away bugs!

The final step we completed just this year.  We insulated up underneath the porch.

This helps retain heat from the fireplace in the cooler months, turning this into a true 3-season porch as well.

Now, except for a few super cold weeks in Jan and Feb, we can enjoy this porch almost all year long.

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