This outdated wood tray becomes a new upcycled serving tray with a vintage vibe, perfect for a cup of tea, or displaying trinkets.

I love a good upcycle project! I turned this ugly old Christmas tray into a work of art with some paint and transfers!

This Baloons and Clocks transfer set is so realistic looking.  You can barely tell which are my real antique watches!

Some water, a putty knife, and a tiny bit of sanding with a sanding sponge took all of it right off. In no time, this little tray was ready for its makeover.

I sanded the top down to bare wood,and gave the rest a light scuff sand, then cleaned it all well.

I painted the entire tray with chalk paint in the color Drop Cloth.  It's a pretty neutral color so the pocket watches will be the stars!

This bundle is a great way to get started and  customize your project to your style. You can select any color of chalk paint you like.

Two coats of Drop Cloth and it's already looking completely different!  Ready for the pretty details now!

It was the perfect choice to add some extra pizzaz to this vintage-inspired DIY serving tray!

Especially when I paired it with Dixie Belle’s Amber Gemstone Mousse. It has such a rich, vintage look to it.

I selected three different watch transfers from the Hot Air Balloons and Watches transfer package that I wanted to use for this project, and cut them out.

After I had the watch transfer pieces arranged how I wanted, I carefully peeled away the backing, laid my transfer in place.

Then I gently rubbed using the stick that was included in the package.

It’s just that easy! I applied all three watch transfers and I was done! How amazing is this?

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