This may not look like much from the picture, but it's a fantastic product to keep additional clutter off my kitchen counters! One of the best purchases I've made lately!

These also don't look like much, but they make life so much easier! I attached them to the bottom of the ottoman legs, and now it literally glides across the rug without having to tug and fight with it. Brilliant!

I bought this for our toddler who will not sit still in the bathtub.  It's cute, and protect her from the faucet. This would make a cute gift!

I've used Gorilla Glue for years, but I specifically ordered this one because it comes with a nozzle AND a brush.  Sometimes the brush is handy when making small repairs.

I ordered this to make the 7-11 Egg Salad Sandwhich going around on social media?   Have your seen it?  So good!

This Aveena Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo & conditioner set make my hair so shiny and full of volume!  Plus they have the best light scent and are budget-friendly!

BONUS:  Some Etsy Finds!

I also wanted to show you a couple of my favorite Etsy finds for the month! They are super fun and would make great gift ideas!

How CUTE is this little mouse hole decal?  I placed it on the baseboard for a fun little touch of whimsy.  There are several styles to choose from and they are super affordable.

I can't wait to get this customized garden sign hung up on my garden gate!   This would also make a great gift for Mother's Day!  You can customize it just for Mom.

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