I sent the invites a couple of months before the party, to give the couples adequate time to create and test their cocktail ideas.

Food is an important element of any party, particularly one where adult beverages will be served!   I had the spread all set up on my kitchen island, so people could have some food in their stomachs before the cocktails started flowing! 🤣🍹🍸

We asked our guests to bring the necessary ingredients for their custom cocktails, and we provided all the barware and tools.

I gave each couple a clipboard with the scoring details and room to make notes on each cocktail as they tasted it.

My husband I called our cocktail the “Fountain of Youth”. We both turned 50 this year and to celebrate we went to Walt Disney World!

This drink-making and sharing process is repeated by each couple. It was almost like going to dinner, drinks, and a show because it was fun to watch each couple work together to create their craft cocktail, and tell the story behind it!

Doug & Darcey’s Neptune-inspired drink came with an incredible performance in which guests could get “knighted”. So much fun!

Jen & Adam’s drink was also Disney-inspired because Jen is a Disney travel agent!

Kelly and Phil’s Mule was a history lesson! It was named after the old mining industry, in which they used mules to haul the coal!

Nick and Aimee’s Bloody Marys contained a whole meal in the garnish!

Our friends are CREATIVE! They took this cocktail contest seriously and their drinks and performances did not disappoint!

I created this kit that worked so well for our party.  It includes: -invitations -tasting notes card -voting cards -wine bottle award tags for "trophies" -and more!

Visit The House on Silverado to see all the details of this fun party, and learn how to create your own.