Pro tips to create a layered bedding look, step by step. An easy guide for styling a cozy bed like a designer.

1. Mattress Pad A good mattress pad should be your first layer, to protect the investment you’ve made in your expensive mattress.

2. High-Quality Sheets A good set of bed sheets forms the foundation of a great night of sleep.

3. Quilt or Bed Spread The next layer should be a quilt or a bedspread. Place this on your bed so that it hangs evenly on all sides and covers the box springs.

4. Comforter or Light Blanket For the top layer, a fluffy down comforter folded at the foot of the bed is perfect for the cooler months.

A duvet is a great solution.  IThe cover can be removed and easily tossed in washing machine.  Plus, you can change it out with the seasons.

This beautiful blanket from Muslin Comfort is my favorite!  It's perfect for an extra layer any time of year.

5. Bed Pillows Place your standard pillows in pillow cases that match your sheets. Put these at the top of the bed.

6. Euro Shams Euro Shams are often used by interior designers to create a lush layered look, especially on large beds.

7. Pillow Shams Pillow shams that coordinate with your quilt or bedspread come next. Complete comforter sets usually include matching pillow shams.

8. Decorative Pillows Decorative throw pillows are the final step in your pillow game!  

9. Throw Blanket The last tip: A knit blanket tossed near the bottom of the bed.  

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