Just look at the before and after!  This 2002 PB dresser moves to a new decade!

I got this old Pottery Barn Dresser (circa 2002 according to a sicker on the bac) for FREE on Facebook Marketplace!  

It was solid wood, and in really good shape.  But it had an ugly orange knotty pine finish which obviously wasn't going to work with my home decor.

It was nothing a little sanding, some paint, and stain couldn't fix though!  I knew I could bring it into a new decade!

I sanded the top down to bare wood, since I planned to stain it.  I gave the rest of the dresser a light scuff sand, then cleaned it all well.

II painted the base and drawers with Silk Mineral Paint in the color Oyster.  Silk has a built-in base & top coat, making a project like this quick and easy!

I used this starter bundle and selected Oyster-- a very light white/gray paint, but you can choose from 30 colors of Silk paint to customize your project to your style.

Two coats of Oyster and it's already a whole new dresser!  The orange knotty pine is gone!  Welcome to 2023, gorgeous!

Next it was time to stain the top.  I used a water-based gel stain from Dixie Belle in the color Walnut. Just wipe on, wipe off!

After the stain dried for a couple of days, I added 2 coats of satin clear coat to the top to protect it.  Look how well the wood grain still shows!

The original chunky wood knobs were so dated, so I removed them and replaced with glass knobs-- some vintage, and some from Hobby Lobby!

You guys, you won't believe it.  Pottery Barn currently sells a very similar dresser on their websiet for $2199! 😳 Are you ready for the reveal of my dresser?

The transfer on the front of the drawer is called Magnolia Garden. It's such a soft, pretty spring pattern.

Ta-Da!   The dresser that saved me $2k! It looks almost the same, right?  Better even, with the stained top & glass knobs.

The orange pine has been banished, and now this piece is a much better fit in my home.  Yes, it's a dresser, but I'm currently using it as a sofa table, because tha'ts how I roll. 😛

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