I found this vintage table on Facebook Marketplace for $15 bucks.  It had been the victim of a bad paint job prior to me finding it.

You can see all the bad brush strokes on the top, and how someone had painted it in a circular motion.  😟  It was two different colors, and peeling in places.

I knew I could fix her up, so I got out my Dixie Belle paints and set to work.  Two coats of "Prairie Dawn" made such a big difference!

Next, it was time to add some character.  This beautiful "Vintage Post" transfer was perfect for the job!

It's so simple to use.  I just cut and arranged the pieces of vintage writing how I wanted them to appear on top of the table.

Then, just rub, rub, rub to adhere the transfer to the top of the table.  It looks like it's been hand-painted, but so much easier!

The very last step was to give the top a coat of clear sealer, to protect it for years to come.

Here are all of the products I used to give this table a simple, but lovely vintage makeover.

Just look at how beautiful it turned out.  The top looks like a work of art, and for so little effort and time!

It's the perfect little side table for a cup of coffee,.  Use it as an end table, a night stand, an accent table...

Not bad for a sad, $15 vintage table, huh? I'm always amazed at what a little paint can do.  Adding a transfer is a game-changer!

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