DIY Outdoor Pillow Covers are so easy when you start with plain zippered pillow covers and use rub-on transfers to customize them!

You will need a pillow insert, and a zippered, plain pillow cover.  Link below shows the one I used.

These beautiful black and white floral tranfers are part of  the Vintage Florals package, but Dixie Belle has dozens of patterns to choose from.

The two big matching florals were perfect for my pillow project, so I cut out the pieces I wanted to use and lined them up on the linen pillowcases in the lower corner of each case.

I decided to place my transfers offset in one corner, but the fun part about making your own pillows is that you can place the transfer anywhere you like!

I used the included burnishing stick, and rubbed the transfer using very firm pressure over the entire flower.

Then, I slowly and gently peeled away the film, making sure all of the transfer was sticking to the fabric.

If any little pieces looked like they were coming up with the film, I simply laid it back down and burnished it some more.

After the floral transfers were applied to both pillowcases,  I sprayed just a little bit of Easy Peasy Wax lightly over the transfer and worked it in using my Best Dang Wax Brush.

Finally, I filled the pillow covers with two old pillow inserts.  Here's a tip:  I left the inserts in the plastic  they came in before slipping them inside the covers.

This will make them more weather-resistant.  My pillows are on a covered porch, so they shouldn’t get soaking wet, but any blowing rain won’t soak all the way through now.

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