Relaxing Spa Bathroom at Home

Create it  in just eight steps

Use a Soothing Color Palette Soft, neutral color creates a calming environment. Consider natural colors such as  soft beiges and grays, or muted greens.


Display Art Choose art that works with your personal decor style, but that also makes you happy while relaxing in the tub.


Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Lighting Use soft, calming light sources that will transform your bathroom into a cozy spa-like sanctuary.  Candles and dimmable lighting work well.


Add Calming Scents Calming scents can help create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. Layer in aromas you love in products such as scented candles, bath salts, and natural essential oils.


Upgrade Your Bath Products Consider splurging on a few special bath products different from what you use in your daily routine. 


Add Soothing Indulgences  Add some simple indulgences to your bathroom retreat like a bath caddy to hold a book and a glass of wine or spa water.


Invest in Plush Towels Thick, fluffy towels are the best way to create a five-star hotel feel. Even if you only invest in 1 or 2, high-quality bath towels, you’ll be happy you did.


Include a Cozy Chair or Stool A chair provides a useful space to sit to apply lotion after your bath, or to pull over next to the tub to hold your fresh towels.


Next up

Also consider unusual or minimalistic stools. Overstock sites are a great place to find affordable versions.