With just a piece of cheesecloth, some Mod Podge, and a little black felt for the eyes, you can make this easy Halloween craft.

Supplies: – two 26-inch square pieces of cheesecloth – Mod Podge Fabric Stiffener  – aluminum foil & soda bottle (for the ghost form) – black felt for the eyes (or googly eyes if you prefer!) – hot glue

Make the ghost form with a soda bottle and some foil for the head and arms.

Add a piece of cheesecloth to a zipper bag and squirt in some Mod Podge fabric stiffener.

Drape the coated cheesecloth over the bottle ghost form and allowe to dry overnight.

Change the arm position of the foil ghost form for different looks.  Be sure to let chseecloth puddle at bottome so ghost will stand on their own.

IAdd cute embellishments such as a "boo" banner and twinkle lights underneath.

Use black felt for eyes and mouth.

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