This inexpensive & easy Paint Stick Flag is made in only a couple of hours, with just a few supplies, resulting in a rustic, patriotic home decor piece.

You’ll need 9 paint sticks for this project– 7 for the flag, and 2 for the supports in the back. If you don't have some, you can get a 10-pack at Lowe's for just a couple of bucks.

I cut 2 paint sticks so that they were approximately 7″ long to serve as the supports behind the 7 sticks that make the flag. The wood is thin and soft, so it was easy to cut with a small hand saw.

Gorilla Glue worked great for securing the small sticks to the back as supports.

I allowed the Gorilla glue to dry thoroughly for several hours before moving on to the next step.

Then, I drilled a hole in the upper top corners, where the rope will attach later, and I was ready for paint!

I taped off alternating rows and a square in the corner where the stars would go.

I wanted my flag to look more rustic, so I chose Buttercream, In the Navy, and Rustic Red as my colors, but Dixie Belle has a variety of red, white & blue shades of paint, so choose the ones that work for you!

I painted the white rows and the navy blue square, and then removed the tape while still wet.

I made a quick and easy “1776” stencil with my Cricut and used a star stencil from the Dollar Tree, but you could accomplish something similar using a Sharpie white paint marker and free-handing the stars and numbers.

Using the star stencil, but you could easily create stars by hand!

After the paint was dry, I simply fed each end of my recycled rope piece through the backside of the pre-drilled holes and tied them in a knot.

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