Just look at my new home office lcloset upgrade!  Adjustable shelves and custom modules made all the difference!

For the sake of being completely transparent and real with you, I’m going to show you my embarrassing little secret. Are you ready? I’m warning you, it’s bad…

Work-life balance is hard, & when I can’t keep up, this is what happens. I get busy, I toss things in & just close the door. Can you guys relate? Oh good, I’m glad I’m not alone with this mess.

It’s a decent-sized closet, but it had wire shelving that just wasn’t working for me. Obviously.

You guys, what if I told you that I discovered a closet system that changed everything? In just 4 easy steps, I designed my own custom closet.

I designed my dream office closet; built-in storage that transformed this small closet into a workhorse that solved all my office storage needs.

And two weeks later it was delivered right to my doorstep, ready for me to easily install myself.

The hubs and I are in no way closet experts, we had no trouble at all getting our custom closet installed DIY-style. There was absolutely no need for a professional installer.

The fist step was to take out the wire shelving. The shelf supports were attached with drywall anchors, so there were plenty of holes that needed to be filled after we removed them.

I We used a stud finder and a level to ensure the cleat hanger was anchored into  the studs and  perfectly level.

The side panels have a notch that slides over the cleat hanger. We made sure to hang them with the cam pin sides facing each other.

We installed all the cam locks and pins into the horizontal shelving pieces before assembling them inside the closet.

Assembling the closet was super easy. The cam locks snap over the pins, and then a twist of a screwdriver to locks them in place. I mean seriously, how easy is that?

We used the included shelf pins to install the adjustable shelves to the desired positions.

I customized the shelf heights to work for storing my office supplies, craft supplies, file folders, and even a workspace in the middle!

The bottom space could hang clothes, but I'm using it for my Cricut cart.

I customized the size to make the cart filt perfectly.

A sliding scarf accessory works perfectly to hold scissors or as a cord organizer!

One of the best ways to install light fixtures in a small closet without calling an electrician is to use light strips such as these.

The closet lights up with a click of the remote!

Let's revisit how far we've come.   BEFORE


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