This DIY Whimsical Painted Teacher’s Chair is a fun and easy upcycle project that’s perfect for a back-to-school or teacher appreciation gift.

I still had a couple of these old oak dining chairs from my circa 1990s kitchen table. They were solid and sturdy, so I’d been holding onto them for a few years waiting for creativity to strike.

With back-to-school time approaching, I decided that a pretty chair decorated for the classroom would be the perfect use for one of them.

I started with a clear base coat and then 2 coats of Dixie Belle's chalk mineral paint in the color Caviar.

This black chalk paint is one of my favorite, rich colors to use.

Next, I selected several Dixie Belle paints in primary colors to create the "crayons" on the chair back.

I used Dixie Belle's small artist brushes to hand-paint the "crayons" in rainbow order.

The black seat is the perfect place to personalize with a teacher’s name.

You could hand paint it, or create a stencil using a Cricut.

 If you have a teacher in your life, this would make such a memorable back-to-school gift!

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