An easy French Country Floral Basket Arrangement made with a combo of both faux and real flowers for a sophisticated look.

This beautiful basket looks gorgeous on either the inside OR the outside of your door!

To make your own, you will need a basket, some fabric or ribbon, and your choice of flowars--real, faux, or both!

I used pink shears to cut my fabric into a long strip.  This keeps it from fraying.

I wrapped the fabric around the basket, twist once in front, then tied it behind, for a sophisticated and unique look.

Trick: I useds snack-size zipper bags with a little water to keep my real flower stems fresh!

I tucked each stem down in the water and secured with a rubber band to hold it in place.

Next, I used some brown paper from the recylcing bin to tuck into the basket and hold my flower stems upright for easier arranging.

I put my faux stems in place first, arranging them to fill out the basket nicely.

Then, I tucked my real floral stems, with the zipper bags filled with water still attached, into the arrangement where I wanted them.

The zipper bags hold enough water to keep the flowers fresh for a few days.  They can be refilled as needed.

Hanging a basket of flowers on the inside of the door adds such a pretty touch to the foyer or entryway!  But of course, this would look lovely on the outside of the door, too.

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