Sundays on Silverado #94

Life Lately

As of today I am 3.5 weeks post-op and think I’ve turned the corner past the worst of it.

Shout out to my sweet husband for toting me around to appointments while I couldn’t drive.

I’m allowed to “wean” off the c-collar, so I can begin driving again, and I’m planning to go back to work on Monday for partial days, so I can at least wrap up the school year and finish some important things.

There is likely still a knee surgery in my future, but it has to wait a few months until my spinal fusion heals.

For now, I’ll focus on the current progress, and worry about the rest later. I need to live in denial a bit as a coping strategy. 🤪

Warrior Princess Evelynn

I had a visit with my favorite baby this week which was a huge, much-needed mood booster.

Laughter is the best medicine, right? Baby Evie made sure to deliver! 😂

She’s working hard in physical therapy and learning new things every day. Her newest “trick” is to pull her feet up as far as she can and then smack them down on the ground.

You can see how proud of herself she is. 💕

And now, just for your viewing pleasure….

Here she is in her new swing and sunglasses. She loves both, clearly.

Today, we are headed to this sweet little miracle’s baptism, and my heart is just so grateful. There was a time when we weren’t certain we’d have any of these special moments with her. God is good.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you next week on Sundays on Silverado!

Patriotic Decor

I love to decorate with the gold ol’ red, white, and blue. With Memorial Day coming up next weekend, I like to get out some of my patriotic decor.

Since you all shared so many lovely red, white, & blue decor and food ideas, I selected several as our features this week, and shared a few of my own, too.

Simple Vintage Patriotic Decor & Fourth of July Decor Ideas

DIY Wine Cork Flag & A Tiered Tray for July 4th

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12 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #94

  1. I’m very late for the party this week. It was a long weekend here in Canada so we headed to the rocky mountains for a long-overdue getaway.

  2. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. Sending prayers for you and your sweet baby. I have been watching her progress and she sure is growing and such a happy baby. I have a new great grandson who is about the the same age. It is such a joy to see him grow and be discover all the wonders each day brings. May God bless you and your family

  3. Thanks for hosting each week while you’re going thru this. It sounds like you’re having good progress in your healings each week. Did you ever share what happened with the accidnet, The baby is as sweet and precious as always. Saty encouraged!

    1. Hello Debra, I got knocked over by some students who were rough-housing at school. I fell and landed such that it caused two of the vertebrae in my neck to impinge my spinal cord and nerves, requiring surgery to fuse them together with pins and a bracket. I also now have a torn meniscus that may require surgery later. The perils of working with middle schoolers! 🤪
      Thanks so much for your sweet concern. ❤️

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