Sundays on Silverado #60

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You guys, I had the best weekend. Just one of those weekends where you come home exhausted, but so happy that it’s worth it. Know what I mean?

This was the weekend I had been looking forward to for so long… getting to help with the baby’s room! 💕


On Friday, as soon as I got home from school, I started cooking & baking goodies for my people. I baked a pumpkin dessert for my pregnant daughter who is craving all-things-pumpkin right now, some “Biscuits with the Boss”, chocolate chip cookies for the college son, breakfast casserole, plus we took some lasagnas for the freezer, to start getting her set up for after the baby comes.


We got up early on Saturday morning, loaded the car with casseroles and baked goods, and headed out for the two-hour drive to my daughter and son-in-law’s house.

The men entertained themselves with football and smoking meat, while my daughter and I spent the day shopping for items for the baby’s room.

My daughter already has it looking adorable, but we’re still on the hunt for a bookcase and lamp that I can give a pretty pink makeover. The nursery is going to be so cute.

Then, we got to play with all the tiny baby clothes and got everything from newborn to 3 mos size washed and organized in the closet and drawers.

My daughter ordered the sweet little onesie from Etsy. Since baby Poppy is an IVF miracle, the medical documents show her exact “conception” date– my mom’s birthday. ❤️

Side note: Her name isn’t really “Poppy”, but sharing her sweet name will be my daughter and son-in-law’s privilege when the time comes. Since she started as a frozen embryo, we’ve known the gender since the beginning, so sharing the chosen name with the rest of the world will be a fun surprise. I’ve called her “Poppy” since my daughter told me she was the size of a poppyseed, and now it’s kind of stuck. Stay tuned to see if I can make the switch, or if she will continue to be Gigi’s little Poppyseed…

We rounded out Saturday with a delicious dinner prepared by my son-in-law before getting to spend the night in the parents’ suite.


We enjoyed a relaxing morning of coffee outside on the deck, and breakfast casserole, before packing up and heading out for another hour and a half drive toward Hawkeye-town to visit the college kid.

We had lunch with our youngest son, as well as one of my husband’s good friends from high school/college and his son. Beautiful weather, great view, food, cocktails, and good company.

It was a full and busy weekend, but so worth being a bit tired on Monday.

In Case You Missed It…

My daughter recommended the Ted Lasso show to me a couple of months ago. We binge-watched the first season and really enjoyed it.

I’m holding off on the rest of season 2 until I can binge those, too. Streaming TV has really broken me. I hate waiting a whole week for another episode, don’t you? Plus, I find it hard to even remember what happened in the last episode that was a whole 7 days ago!

I grew up during the times when you actually had to get up and walk to the TV to change the channel and now look at me. Whining about waiting a week for another episode… HA.

Anyway, if you watch the show, you know all about Ted’s “Biscuits with the Boss” and the little green army guys. I made a batch of biscuits, complete with the little pink box, to take to my daughter. You can learn more about Ted Lasso, plus find my recipe to make your own little shortbread biscuits HERE.

The Weekly Features!

Last Sunday’s link party was loaded with all the fall inspiration! I love decorating for fall, especially using whites and neutrals. There were so many lovely posts with muted fall colors, I couldn’t pick just three features…

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All features have been pinned to the Sundays on Silverado Pinterest Board!

I can’t wait to see more of your fall and seasonal inspirations! Let’s link!

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22 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #60

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Fall kraft paper sign, Niky, I really appreciate it. Hope your week is filled with all good things! Hugs and thank yous, CoCo PS: Can’t wait to see more from Poppy’s room – it looks so cute!

  2. Oh Niky! That really did sound the perfect weekend! It’s always so wonderful to spend time with the kids but shopping with your daughter for her daughter is just the ultimate. When Katie was in town a few weeks ago, we went out to dinner to a little Italian restaurant. All the tables had signs above them. Katie was so excited by ours. She asked someone to take a picture of us beneath it. It said “Great women raise great women who raise great women.” Perfect for you! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  3. Sounds like you had such a fun weekend visiting your kids! You are the second person to recommend Ted Lasso! I really need to watch it now. Thanks for hosting. See you next week.

  4. Thanks so much Niky! I know you’re over the moon with excitement about your granddaughter! The nursery looks adorable~My grandmother name is Gigi too…

  5. Such variety in your blog today. The photo of the table setting with wisps of wheat design reminded me of a pattern my grandmother used in the 1950s-1960s. Lovely fall table setting!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to help your daughter with this sweet project of the baby’s room. Thanks so much for having us over, Niky. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  7. I’ve been resisting watching the Ted Lasso series only because I binged watched so many series last winter that I’ve forgotten which ones I watched to look for new episodes. But it’s getting harder to resist because so many are raving about this one. Happy Fall, Niky

  8. Thanks so much for hosting this charming party each and every week!! I so appreciate all the time and effort that does into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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