Sundays on Silverado #5

The Weekly Recap:


School is still dominating most of my time and energy right now. It’s overwhelming, adapting to so many new safety procedures and protocols, learning all the new technology, teaching in so many different formats (in-person students, fully virtual students, and now the masses of quarantined students who also need some instruction while they are home for 2 weeks). It’s like being a first-year teacher all over again.

I’m going to be really honest, and just put this out there though. The hardest, hardest, hardest part by far, has been the lack of empathy of some people. It really is discouraging to read all the negative comments people post on social media, or send in emails to teachers/administrators criticizing and complaining about every little thing… the iPads aren’t working properly, the WiFi is too slow, the bus arrived late, you’re not communicating enough, you’re communicating too much….

I get it. Nothing is ideal right now, because we aren’t living in an ideal world. But teachers and schools are going above and beyond right now, and accomplishing some pretty amazing things for our students, all while the odds are stacked against us. I encourage you to take a moment to thank your child’s school and teachers. They need to hear some positivity right now, friends. Some kind words can go a long way.


I’ve been dropping into bed early every night this week, and sleeping like a rock until the alarm goes off. I still feel tired. I am really trying to build in some opportunities for self-care, to keep myself propped up and going. Here is what self-care has looked like around here lately:

Sunshine and Sips

Make Your Own Margarita Flights

Time Outdoors

Making friends with my new neighbor, Woody the yearling…

Garden Love

The hydrangeas are beautiful right now, and the vegetable garden continues to produce tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers like crazy. It’s relaxing to walk out back when I get home after a long day inside at school, and check on all my plant babies.

Kitchen Rituals

My daughter brought me a large bag of grapes and several banana peppers from her garden, so I spent an evening canning them. There is something about these old-fashioned rituals of the season that I find very rejuvenating.

Easy Dinners from Hello Fresh

We are continuing with 3 meals per week from Hello Fresh, as a way to get dinner on the table quickly without resorting to take out. It really is a big help. If you’d like to try it, you can use THIS LINK to get $40 off your first order.

Ordering Takeout when even cooking Hello Fresh feels like too much effort…

Barntown Brewery 💜

Netflix, for about 7 minutes each night before I fall asleep….

Peaky Blinders

Sundays on Silverado Features of the Week:

Okay, time for another edition of Sundays on Silverado! There were so many great posts linked up this week, and I enjoyed reading them all. Catching up on all my favorite blogs is another form of self-care that I’m trying to make some time for this weekend.

Thanks to all you shared a post on the link-up! 💕

Recycled Silverware Wall Hook Herb Rack by Interior Frugalista

This is genius and so cute too! I have some vintage silverware already, and lots of herbs that need to be preserved, so I need to find a way to make something like this happen at my house! Thanks, Marie!

Early Fall Tablescape by Master “Pieces” of My Life

I love white pumpkins, and the way the work for a muted fall decor without all the orange. This tablescape is lovely with all the neutral colors.

Turning a Foreclosure Into a Rental by A Life Unfolding

So many things about this photo sucked me in… the vintage light fixture, the wide, old-fashioned wood trim and divided window panes, which we replicated in our new build home, the wood floors…. I love old houses, and the way Libbie and her husband updated this one, while still keeping the vintage elements, is so beautiful. You should definitely visit her blog to see the whole renovation.

Acorn Cookies (no bake) by Cindy’s On-Line Recipe Box

And last, but not least, how adorable are these acorn cookies for fall? What a cute idea, and so fun for the kids to help put them together.

Thanks to all who shared, and I hope you will link up with me again!

Happy Sunday,

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15 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #5

  1. I am going through the same thing right now with teaching CHOIR virtually! It is like a brand new subject for me!!!! I am keeping up with my full time blogging by working in the evening and weekends, but I enjoy the creativity it and it is keeping me sane. We are going into week 3 of fully virtual and so far it has been going well despite all of the challenges but I can tell that the novelty is wearing off and it is going to be harder to keep their focus this way. Praying for all of us during this difficult time!

    Thanks for sharing at All About Home!

    1. Oh wow, VIRTUAL choir! I can’t even imagine. Although I WISH I was teaching online only. Right now, our governor has FORCED us back to school face-to-face and families can choose that option or virtual. So right now, I’m teaching TWO grades of 65 in-person students, plus 15 online only kids, PLUS now three different batches of quarantined kids! All while trying to stay healthy and learn all the new technology. It’s overwhelming. But, it may STILL be better than virtual choir! 😂 I’ll pray for you, Amber.

  2. I can only imagine what it’s like being a teacher right now! I actually just sent a little note to our guidance office last week that I thought they were doing a phenomenal job with all that is going on. Now my son is in the building each day and I can totally see me stressing out when it’s time for his turn at distance learning since we’re not all that great with getting technology to work but I am hoping and praying like crazy that the schools do their best to keep working with us like they have been. Yes, we are getting tons of communication home but I like that. They are usually just outlining the next day or week and not going beyond that which seems just right in these ever changing times. Hang in there; just know that you are being appreciated but for some reason our society finds it much easier to focus on what isn’t working rather than acknowledged what is.

  3. I just came across your blog and it really hit home with me. I am a principal in a Pre-K-6 school. Right now we are in remote learning. But will move to staggered start September 14th. It is so overwhelming! Right now I feel one of my top priorities is my teachers! Praying for all of us as we try to make this work. I keep saying to my parents “give us grace”!

    1. Sharon, your teachers are lucky to have you! Any principal who is making sure teachers are near the top of the priority list is a gift! So many politicians, parents, and administrators have lost sight of what teachers are experiencing right now. The current pace and stress-level is not sustainable. Somehthing has to give and I pray it is not teachers’ health (physical and/or mental).
      Thanks for taking a moment to comment. Best wishes to you and your school community for continued endurance, peace and health….

  4. I love the herb wall rack! This is my daughter’s first year as a teacher, heading over to the barn after school to spend time with her horse really relaxes her.

  5. Hang in there! It’s so hard for everyone. I am very appreciative for all the efforts my daughter’s teachers are making, unfortunately I think we are the silent majority. Believe me, we do appreciate everything teachers are doing. You have inspired me to send my daughter’s teachers notes letting them know as much. On a separate note, thank you for hosting & appreciate the early fall tablescape feature. I’m glad you liked it. Happy Labor Day!

    XO- MaryJo

    1. Mary Jo, thank you for your sweet comments. I’m so glad to hear that you will send your daughter’s teachers a note. Trust me, it will make such a difference to them right now! Those little words of encouragement are lifesavers in this moment. 💜

      Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

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