Sundays on Silverado #40

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The garden is officially planted! I didn’t quite make it to Mother’s Day, which is the general rule of thumb around here for getting cold-sensitive plants in the ground, but we’ve had several warms days and the forecast looks safe, so I spent an entire day playing in the dirt. The sun, the smell of the plants, the birds chirping… I love it all… Please tell me I’m not weird? Do you love the smell of a tomato plant, too? 🍅😂

Six different kinds of tomatoes, three different cucumber varieties, red sweet peppers, jalapeños, three kinds of basil, mint, and chives are what’s growing this year. Garden season is my favorite time of year….

In addition to the vegetable garden, I got almost all of my summer annuals planted too. My front porch is officially ready for porch-swinging.

It’s warm enough now that we have dinner outside almost every night. A glass of wine and watching the sun disappear is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day at work. Eighteen days of school left for us– not that I’m counting or anything. 🤪

The rhubarb patch is going strong, and I’ve been baking up a storm. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year?

I love all the wildlife out here, but the birds consistently want to build their nests in the worst places–like on the tiny ledge directly above my front door. 😒 Right now I’m using red Solo cups to deter them, but if you have any better ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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It was a busy week around here at The House on Silverado. Four news posts went up this week!

The Weekly Features!

As the school year winds down, I’m thinking toward summer and all the projects I’ve been saving up. My summer to-do list is pretty long, and includes several pieces of furniture that I plan to update, so all the lovely furniture makeovers that were shared this week were really speaking my love language.

The two different church pews especially captivated me, because a church pew has been on my vintage/antique store shopping list for a very long time. I just haven’t come across the right pew at the right price yet. But when I do, I’m coming back here to reference these for sure!

Church Pew Bench | Masterpieces of My Life

The Abbey Church Pew | A Loverly Life

Green Distressed Cabinet | Junk Journal

Nursery Bookcase Makeover | Interior Frugalista

All features have been pinned to the Sundays on Silverado Pinterest Board!

Time to link up again! Can’t wait to see what you all have been up to!

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23 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #40

  1. Hello I saw your recipe for Dutch Letter Bars. I went to write it down and cant find it now. Would you send it to me. I want to try it as we love the Dutch letters Thank You

  2. You have such a lovely garden! I am jealous that you already have warm enough weather to eat dinner outside. I still haven’t even pulled most of our outdoor stuff out of storage yet.

  3. Thanks for the party Niky and featuring my church pew. I hope you find one soon- it took me a while too but I am super happy with my eventual find. It’s so much fun to style through the seasons. Have a great week. XO- MaryJo

  4. That’s my happy place too, Niky. Hopefully today I’ll be churning the soil in my raised garden beds, planting, and listening to the birds chirping. Can’t wait! Thrilled to see my nursery bookcase featured this week. Thank you so much and have a great week! xo

  5. You have such a beautiful view! And no you’re not weird. I love the smell of a tomato plant, too! I even had a candle that smelled like tomato vines! I wish I could find it again. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

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