Sundays on Silverado #29

Welcome to Sundays on Silverado #29. I can’t even tell you how many lovely features you all linked up this week–more than ever before! I never fail to find so much inspiration from all the creativity you guys share. 💕

Life Lately

It was a bitterly cold week here in Iowa, but not nearly as challenging as what all of you down south, especially in Texas, have had to deal with. I’ve been thinking about you, and hope things are improving.


On Friday, I had an appointment to get my COVID vaccine. The appointment was midafternoon, which wasn’t ideal, since it required me to take PTO to go, but with appointments and vaccines so hard to come by, I took a quarter day off, and headed out. It took only a few minutes to get my injection, but it was such a feeling of relief after all these months of stress and worry.

Plus, an unexpected bonus was that I had an hour or so of unexpected time on my hands. The sun was shining, it was a Friday, and I decided to pop into Target and look at their spring decor merchandise in person. Like, with my own eyes, instead of on a computer screen. For the last year, I’ve done 95% of our shopping online, so actually being in a store with so many fabulous things to look at was a bit over-stimulating! 🤣


But you guys, Target did not disappoint. I came home with a few things I didn’t even know I needed. 🤣

As soon as I smelled this Hearth and Hand candle, I knew it was coming home with me. Has a smell ever taken you right back to someplace in your memories? That’s what this candle did for me. Plus, it looks like a little antique crock! So cute!

I have had my eye on this Hearth and Hand vintage-looking sign for awhile now, but it was even cuter in person, so in my cart it went! The words in the middle flip over to say, “Miss You Already”. Can’t wait to find a place to use it.

Can you tell I was feeling the spring vibes? This pink cross-body bag will be perfect for warmer weather when I don’t want to lug around a bigger handbag.

And finally, more Mrs. Meyers dish soap! I may be a little bit obsessed with this stuff. It’s the only dish soap I use because if I have to wash dishes, I might as well be surround by an enjoyable seasonal scent, right? And Mrs. Meyers has the best scents. Basil is my favorite for summer, Iowa Pine for winter, and I love this Peony scented one for spring!

Dome After Dark

And finally, to finish up the week, we had an lovely date night at a local attraction– The Des Moines Botanical Gardens. We have gone very few places during the last year, and literally have not had a date night out of the house in over a year. So when I saw Dome After Dark advertised, I was intrigued. They sold a limited number of tickets, so that there was plenty of room to spread out and observe social distancing, masks were required, and it was just a lovely low-key evening. Plus, it was so warm inside, and I reveled in the plants and nature-y atmosphere. My husband and I are both outdoors lovers, so winter in Iowa is starting to take a toll. Dome After Dark was the perfect answer.

We got there early, and took one stroll around the gardens while it was still light out, so we could really see the lovely, tropical plants. Then we enjoyed wine and charcuterie with a sunset view, and finally took another slow and leisurely stroll through the gardens once the twinkle lights and luminaries came on.

It was a great way to end the week.

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36 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #29

  1. Niky, those gardens are absolutely spectacular! What a fabulous idea for a date night. I do love a creative date night idea so much more than boring old dinner and a movie! You are making me want to head to Target now but I have spent too much money this weekend shopping with my sister, so I will stay away from Target for now. And I had no idea that you hosted a link party. I will be sure to add it to my link up page!


  2. Thank you so much for hosting, Niky!! I finally made it over and, yes, I’ve shared three posts here today: #88 – A Hopping Good Mantel Display (the Seasonal Inspiration hop), #89 – Looking to Spring ~ A Sofa Table Vignette, and #90 – North Texas’ Snow-Pocalypse/Snowmageddon! Great features this week, btw. I am ready to give our house a whitewash… Tired of the tan walls! lol!

    Been a busy bunch of days but really fun,
    Enjoy your upcoming weekend,
    Barb 🙂

  3. I hope it gets warmer and I am trying to schedule my vaccine shot. It is crazy, everything gets book up so quickly around here.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my tips on how to style a glass cabinet, Niky, I really appreciate it. That piece gives me a fit all the time so it’s exciting to see it featured. Sending you hugs and adding my prayers to the others that things settle down soon. I know you guys have been through a lot this winter season. I’m thankful you were able to get the 1st vaccine shot and found some goodies at Target too. Hugs and thank yous, CoCo

  5. Thanks for hosting! Congratulations on getting dose #1 of the vaccine! I also had mine and get #2 early next month.
    Target always has such nice things for sale. I haven’t been shopping, except for groceries, in ages.

  6. That date night sounds fabulous! I love visiting botanical gardens; particularly in the winter when I want so warmth and greenery around. I too tend to leave Target with things I didn’t even know I needed.

  7. Niky, thank you for your sweet thoughts for us down in Texas. Fortunately, the temps are up to normal, the snow is melting and we made it through. Still, keep those who are dealing with busted pipes and home damage in your prayers. Congrats on getting your first vaccine. I think I’m the only person we know who hasn’t received a shot. I’m registered in so many places. I hope herd immunity does work.

    1. Glad things are are improving in Texas. I continue to be stunned by the photos I see. 😞 Wishing you a vaccine soon. My husband got his several weeks before I became eligible, and I felt relieved, as I told him, “Every person in our bubble who gets the vaccine makes us all a bit safer.” Hopefully that will apply to you too, until it’s your turn!

  8. Gorgeous features, Niky! Sounds like a wonderful date night. We have a similar indoor botanical garden here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada called the Muttart Conservatory. What a great idea touring it during the daylight, enjoying dinner, and then again after dark. I might steal this idea for a much-needed date night out of this house!

  9. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! I appreciate the time it takes to do this every week and to visit all the links and pick out features…Thanks for all you do!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!



  10. There are a few smells that automatically transport me to specific times in my life. Love that you found one you can light up whenever you want. That’s special and you should buy a few 😉

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