Sundays on Silverado #199

Baby deer

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If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen the pics of the sweet little fawn I discovered napping behind my herb garden this week.

I was walking toward the garden one morning and came nearly face-to-face with a pretty doe.

The neighbor was outside too, so I pointed her out and he told me they had seen her recently with two little twin fawns.

Mama ran off, so I continued around the side of the house to water my herb garden and stumbled across baby #1 napping behind my chives. ❤️

baby deer

I let her be, but wondered where the second baby was. I kept hearing a “yowling” noise from the patch of cattails nearby and figured that might be her calling out to Mama.

Pretty soon Mama emerged, with baby #2 and then slowly began her way over to collect sleepy baby #1.

Mama deer

And wouldn’t you know, I had to leave for an appointment before I got to watch her wake the baby up. When I came home, they were all gone.

So fun to see, though.

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