Sundays on Silverado #15

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Coffee & Swearing

This meme pretty much sums it up. There has been a lot of coffee, and a fair amount of swearing this week.

The school where I work reverted to 100% online learning this week. The positivity rate in our county is rising at an alarming rate, and student and teacher absences at my school spiked over the course of just a few days.

We got a message on Sunday evening stating that kids should not report to school on Monday morning, and teachers began the scramble to be ready to teach 100% virtually.

Working from home, with coffee and Christmas lights.

Although the first few days have gone really well, I am not one who does well with surprises. I like to have time to plan and prepare. I think we all knew this time would eventually come, I just wasn’t expecting it quite so quickly.

Nonetheless, I am relieved to be at home right now as I watch the positivity numbers continue to climb, and see the number of sick teachers increase. This is where the swearing came in. I’ve lost my filter when it comes to people who refuse to do what it takes to get this under control. 🤬

But, on the bright side, my home office has a better view, so there’s that. (It’s all about the small things right now, right? We have to take comfort where we can.)

A frosty morning view from my home office.
Anxiety Management

I manage my stress with baking, crafting, and projects. And coffee. Okay, and maybe a tiny bit of swearing. 😂

This is a sneek peek at a special project that I can’t wait to show you soon!

In case you missed it, this Easy Beer Bread is comfort food at its best, and so simple and quick to make. My husband’s eyes literally rolled back in his head when I handed him a warm, buttery slice. Not even exaggerating. 😂

My contribution this week to the Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Rachelle at My Hubbard Home was this Advent Calendar for Couples. It contains 24 low-key ways for you and your partner to enjoy the spirit of the holidays together in a relaxing way. And we all need more of that in this mess of a year.

Stay tuned for another busy week at The House on Silverado. I’ve got a fun Starbuck’s copycat recipe coming this week, as well as TWO more Christmas Blog Hops and I was invited to participate in a Pinterest Challenge! Can’t wait to share it all with you.

The Weekly Features!

Thanksgiving Kitchen Tour | Penny’s Vintage Home

Penny’s cottage kitchen all decked out for Thanksgiving is adorable. And I am swooning over that turkey platter on the island!

Canvas Frame Picture Holder | Eccentricities by JVG

I’ve been brainstorming ways to display Christmas cards, and when I saw this creation by Jasmine, that’s the first thing I thought of! It’s great for photos, but also for cards!

Antique Crate Makeover | Creative Moments

I have a few vintage crates myself, and I love the way this one was brought back to life again.

All features have been pinned to the Sundays on Silverado Pinterest Board!

Hoping you’re all staying safe and healthy,

I can’t wait to see what you guys have to share this week. Link away!

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20 thoughts on “Sundays on Silverado #15

  1. Wow, what a quick switch-up. That is so hard. I guess I am lucky because the school district I teach for never went back. I have been teaching via Distance Learning since March. There is a rumor that we might go back in February.

    I don’t know what your subject(s) you teach but I am a middle school SPED teacher who teaches a SDC class who deals with the emotionally disturbed.

    As much as I miss teaching in my classroom (which I have been in twice since March), I am not missing breaking up fights in my classroom on a daily basis or chasing my students around the school.

    Also, on people not wearing masks, they are idiots but telling them to wear one it is not worth getting shot over. That actually happened here in the Bay Area.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Patrick,
      I teach middle school talented and gifted. We were out of school March through May, but then my district when back full-time face-to-face in August for those families that chose that option (80% did), and we have a virtual option for the other 20%. So since August, I’ve been in my classroom teaching both in person and virtual, plus providing quarantine instruction for the kids sick or quarantined. It’s been exhausting to say the least.
      We were doing fairly well with a mask requirement and social distancing the best we could until the beginning of November, when numbers in our community spiked and so did our school. Suddently we had LOTS of sick teachers high student absence rates, so we switched virtual in my building overnight.
      We’ve been moving buildings in the district online one at a time for the past two weeks, and last night the board finally voted to put the whole district online until Dec 14. They said we plan to go back for 7 days, then winter break, then “we will see”.
      It was a fast switch, but I feel much more relaxed being able to provide one mode of instruction rather than 3, and not worrying as much about being exposed. We had one teacher in our district who nearly died from COVID so that scared me quite a bit.
      Glad to hear you’re making online instruction work. I admire the districts who are willing to do what it takes to keep teachers and students safe.
      Take care,

  2. Oh wow; I bet that was quite a switch at the last minute! I’m not sure exactly where your swear words are aimed but our numbers are definitely on the rise here too and EVERYONE wears masks inside all stores and venues as we are subject to hefty fines if we don’t have them. So while I think masks do help I don’t think they are the only answer or only reason we are seeing a rise in cases. But maybe you meant something else; I don’t know. LOL. Just trying to help you decompress a bit. 🙂

  3. The view from your office is gorgeous Niky! It seems like the numbers across the country are going up and I hate to hear that your county has been affected as well. It sounds like you’re handling the situation with humor and grace which is all you can really ask for right now. I know it has to be frustrating though. This has definitely been a year we will never forget. Hugs, stay safe and thanks for hosting, CoCo

  4. Niky, I can’t even imagine what you’re dealing with teaching remotely. I’m with you and non-mask people. I just don’t understand the stupidity and stubbornness. Take care, hope this week gets easier!

  5. Thanks for the party Niky. Our numbers are starting to go up here and things are shutting down again. My kids are both 100% remote {high school & university} but the HS wants to open hybrid in January. I don’t seeing it happening now. Things are hard! Hang in there and swear away if it helps you get through. 🙂

    XO- MaryJo

  6. Thank you Niky! I am so sorry to hear your schools have gone virtual, makes your job tough I know…scary times again as numbers are spiking, stay safe and enjoy that beautiful view!

  7. They are talking about another shut down here too. I think it’s necessary to lower the numbers but my worry is that the holidays are going to spike them up again. Had a chuckle at the meme. Coffee, swearing, and wine have helped me get through this crazy year. LOL I hope you have a better week!

  8. Hello Niky, thank you so much for the feature of my canvas turned picture holder. Thank you so much for hosting the link party each week and the great inspiration and projects.

  9. Hi Nicky – Hang in there as you go virtual! I retired three years ago from being a Middle School Librarian and my heart goes out to everyone working in schools now. I cannot imagine how stressful it must be. And I am with you…getting pretty close to saying a bad word when I see someone in the grocery with no mask !!!

    1. Ann, I think you lucked out being able to retire before this chaos hit! I love my job, but this has truly beent the most stressful, exhasuting and even scary year of my 27-year career. Thanks for your well-wishes.

      I’m working on holding in my swear words, but it’s getting harder. Right now, I’m able to keep them in my head and not out of my mouth. So far.

      Happy Sunday!

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