Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor

This Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor is easy to transition between the seasons and keeps your front porch fresh and seasonal.

Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor

I love being outdoors, and I literally, count down the days toward the return of the warmer months and sunshine here in Iowa. I mean, don’t get me wrong– I love Iowa, but the cold and snowy winter months are definitely not my favorite.

When spring finally arrives, I am ready to start making the most of our outdoor spaces.

We are lucky to have a lot of outdoor space in this house: a three-season porch on the southwest corner of the house, a covered open deck in the back on the west side, and also this large front porch that faces east.

This gives us the opportunity to follow the sun/shade as needed, depending on the season and time of day.

We take outdoor living seriously around here. 😆


Our front porch is the first space that starts getting some use in the late spring because it catches the morning sun.

When it’s still too cool on the shaded back deck in the mornings, we like to bring our coffee out front and sit on the sunny porch swing while we sip.

Decorating the front porch for spring and summer.
The faux flowers in the watering can were the toss bouquet from my daughter’s wedding! 😛

A throw blanket, a beautiful vintage side table to hold my coffee, a spring-y flower arrangement, and I’m set for enjoying the early spring rays on my face, even when it’s chilly.

There’s just something special about front porches, don’t you think?  

  • a beautiful porch makes a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal and serves as an architectural focal point
  • even a small porch adds extra outdoor living space
  • you can style a beautiful front porch for each season to create a fresh new look by changing out things like the welcome mat, different pillows for a pop of color, and new front door decor…
  • an inviting front porch is a great way to connect with neighbors over a glass of iced tea in the summer months

Because it’s still too cold in Iowa during spring to have real potted plants/flowers out, I compensate by using some faux flowers for just a few weeks.

They add some fresh spring vibes to the porch until it’s safe to plant the real deal, which isn’t until around Mother’s Day here. Of course, all my spring bulbs offer some natural color, too.

Porch decorations for summer
Beautiful Faux Cabbage HERE

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I made two of these faux flower arrangements for the urn planters on my front porch.

These planters remain on the porch through all the seasons.

  • In the winter, small evergreens.
  • In the spring, I fill them in with artificial greenery until the weather warms up.
  • In summer, I load them up with all the pretty summer annuals for an eye-catching centerpiece.

This spring, I used these beautiful faux cabbages for the center of my DIY spring arrangements.

I love how they add a big pop of greenery and fill out the urns nicely.

I added some birch branches leftover from my Christmas arrangements and then filled them in with some pussy willow stems and pretty little white spring flowers.

I kept this arrangement fairly neutral in color, so it didn’t compete with my bright pink tulips and hyacinths that bloom in the flower bed in front of the porch in spring.

Front porch decorating ideas for spring and summer
Porch Sign

I love a good farmhouse sign, or wooden welcome sign, especially on the porch. It’s so easy to make your own porch signs, and I like to customize them for the seasons. Last fall, I made a seasonal sign out of some leftover cedar. It turned out really rustic and distressed, and it was a great accent to my fall front porch decor.

This year, for spring/summer, I used a solid piece of oak left from the kitchen remodel my dad did on my parents’ house years ago. (You can see more posts on how I’ve used his scrap wood HERE and HERE.)

The oak gives my new spring/summer signs a more polished look, plus it adds sentimental value. I added the antique doorknob that my son-in-law saved for me from a house rehab that his construction company was working on.

Since this sign was such a nice piece of wood, I made use of the back, too.

I love how it can now be flipped over as the seasons (or moods) change! See the full tutorial for this DIY reversible porch sign here.


The black lanterns are on my porch all year long. In the winter, they get dressed up with big Christmas bows and add a festive holiday glow to the porch. In spring and summer, I like them for the ambiance they add when we are enjoying the outdoors.

Lanterns are also one of the best ways to add extra lighting to your front entry area at night.  The pretty glow is functional, but also creates a warm welcome for guests.

I have them in varying sizes and fill them with these flameless outdoor candles. They come on automatically at dusk and go off 6 hours later. They work great for lighting your outdoor areas.


Transitioning the porch to summer is so easy since I already have most of the basics in place.

When it’s finally warm enough for potted plants, I replace the faux ones with lots of colorful real blooms, since by now all the spring bulbs are done.

We planted our perennial flowers in mostly neutral colors of greens and whites so that I can accent them with whatever fun color of annuals suits my fancy each year.

It’s almost always some variation of pink though since pink is my color.

Spring ideas for the front porch

Choose a color scheme for a welcoming front porch:

  • use plants in various shades of the chosen color
  • add a fresh coat of paint to your old flower pots with paint colors that tie into your design 
  • hang a beautiful wreath on your front door that coordinates
  • add a pretty outdoor rug on the porch floor
  • freshen up your light fixtures with a coat of spray paint

As summer progresses, the Little Lime hydrangea bushes on either side of the porch will bloom with a pale green flower, that will transition into white, and then finally pink late in the season.

Spring and summer ideas for front porch welcome mat

Once summer is in full swing, morning coffee usually happens on the shady back deck, and we wait to enjoy the front porch when the afternoon sun moves further to the west.

By then, the porch swing is shaded, and catches a nice afternoon breeze, making it the perfect place to sip tea or lemonade and read a book…

Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor side table
Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor flower centerpiece

I love to fill my outdoor spaces with pillows, and it’s easy to transition through the seasons by swapping out pillow covers.

I use the same pillow inserts and just change the covers.

I have THIS set of summer covers, which have fun summer prints on the front, but a nice, neutral, ivory burlap on the back. I can leave the backside facing out for spring, and then transitioning to summer is as easy as flipping them over! “Happy Summer Time”!

This second seating area is another reason I love our front porch in spring/summer.

—>Update: Visit THIS post to see how we updated this seating area with new outdoor furniture (hello rocking chair!) and DIY outdoor pillow covers.

Not only do we have the porch swing, but also this little seating area on the opposite side of the front porch.

We have two chairs here, ready to use, and we tuck a couple more behind the pillar. You can’t see them from the street, and they are ready to unstack and set out when someone stops by for a porch visit.

Pillows, a table to hold a drink, lots of pretty flowers, and cozy lanterns, make the porch so inviting.

spring and summer front door wreaths and decor
Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor flowers
Spring Into Summer Front Porch Decor

I’m so happy that spring is here, and summer is not far behind.

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  1. Love your front porch Niky! I’m excited to get mine spiffed up for spring! I’m excited to tell you that this post will be featured in Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week! Thanks so much for linking up and we hope to see you this week! Pinned 😊

  2. Your spring-into-summer porch looks so lovely and welcoming! I think anyone would smile if they walked up to your front door. And what a good idea to use both sides of that beautiful oak board!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  3. Niky, you have given me some serious front porch goals! I have been wanting a swing on my porch. It is my favorite place to sit when the weather permits. The front of my house doesn’t catch much sun though. Which is nice when it’s really hot out! It stays fairly cool in the front of the house. I love the way your faux cabbage plants turned out, too! So many pretty things…I would be sitting out there all day long! Thanks for linking with me.


  4. Your porch swing is calling my name, Niky! It would be lovely to sit outside on a summer night and just relax.
    Thank you for sharing it all on FWF link party.

  5. Your porch is beautiful and so inviting! What a great idea to flip that sign to get more use out of it! So creative. Great hopping with you!

  6. Beautiful porch decor Niky, it all feels so welcoming! I can’t believe that cabbage is faux! I just added a swing to our porch and it’s so peaceful to relax in the evenings!

  7. Niky,

    Your porch is pretty and welcoming. I haven’t planted yet either. Hopefully this week.

    Your sign is pretty too. The size is great.

  8. I’m just like you–lanterns all year long! I have such a huge collection at this point that it’s sort of embarrassing. Haha! Thank you so much for introducing me to those faux cabbage plants, too–they are stunning, and I definitely need them in my life! This tour has so much inspiration…I’m in awe! I’ll be pinning lots of great ideas today! xo, Kristi

  9. The artificial cabbage in the pot is a great idea! My husband dislikes real flowers on our lanai because he hates picking up the leaves. They would add a pop of color, and if I put them in a corner, no one will get close enough to tell they are artificial! They can add to the “real” garden plants and be one less thing to clean up! I am handicapped so he does most of the garden work, which he does not enjoy like I did. Thanks!

  10. Hi Niki –
    Very pretty front porch. I feel your pain about not being able to plant flowers yet. I can’t wait for next week. We are headed to Iowa this weekend as our youngest is graduating from Iowa State. Then back home to prepare for our oldest daughter’s wedding!

  11. This looks like such a peaceful place to be, Niky! I love all your flower containers and the doorknob on your welcome sign is super cute too. Hope your spring to summer season is a fun one. Hugs, CoCo

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