Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

Simple spring kitchen decor ideas that will keep your kitchen feeling fresh and bright, and make it a lovely place to work and gather.

It’s time again for another fun Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Cindy from County Road 407! This week is all about Spring Kitchens, and I’m sharing some simple spring kitchen decor ideas inspired by this beautiful kitchen from Marley Dice. Marley’s kitchen is simple, fresh, and bright–all things that make a kitchen feel spring-like.

If you’re making your way here from the lovely kitchen of French Ethereal, welcome! Plus, at the end of my post, you’ll be treated to links from several of my blogging friends who are sharing their best spring kitchen decor ideas, too!

Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas
Marley Dice’s Kitchen Tour

Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas


One thing I love about Marley’s kitchen is how simple and uncluttered it is.

When I’m cooking, I want plenty of free counter space to work, and it’s easier to clean up when you don’t have to clean around a countertop full of “stuff”.

Plus, I just find a counter that is devoid of a lot of unnecessary stuff more aesthetically pleasing.

Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas
You can read about my antique corner cabinet makeover HERE.


Marley’s countertops are uncluttered, while still having some of her cooking essentials readily accessible.

I like to keep my crock with wooden spoons and rolling pins out on the countertop, plus a couple of my favorite wooden cutting boards. This way they are easy to grab, and they serve as pretty farmhouse-style decor, too.

For spring, I added a few real flower stems in milk jar bud vases.

The crock and some of the spoons were my mom’s–she had them in her kitchen for as long as I can remember.

The bud vases and metal holder were some of the last Mother’s Day gifts I got to give her. I’m selective about the things I do choose to place on my counter–if they make the cut, they have to be practical, pretty, or sentimental.

I like to bake, and rather than having a plastic storage container out on the counter, I store our fresh, baked goods in this glass-domed cake stand that I bought on a fun weekend getaway to Kansas City’s West Bottoms antique district.

The cake stand is functional, adds a pretty touch to the counter, combats clutter, and has a sweet memory attached.

I have my coffee station set up in this corner of the kitchen.

We keep all the coffee pods and extra cups in the drawers and cabinet right below here, so there is minimal countertop clutter.

We keep a few cups–easy-to-grab in the morning when coffee is calling my name– on this DIY Coffee Mug Stand that we made using vintage hooks from the closet of the 100-year-old house where my mom grew up.

Again, this serves as a practical, yet a pretty piece of kitchen decor, while at the same time having sentimental value.

(Side note: Do you see the beadboard peeking out of my upper cabinet? You can see how we did that HERE...)

For spring, I added this sweet little vintage sugar bowl with a bird on top. Birds are the quintessential spring decor, don’t you think?

Next to my stove, I keep olive oil and salt/pepper handy. Setting them on a little white platter keeps the counters tidy, and the copper s/p shakers add a little sparkle.

Flowers, Plants & Seasonal Touches

Nothing makes your kitchen feel like spring more than flowers–fresh and/or faux. I usually have a mixture of both in my kitchen at any given time.

Kitchen decorating ideas

Aren’t these white peonies adorable? They were a lucky HomeGoods find, and I bought them in both pink and white. In-person, they look so real and suffice nicely until my real ones are ready to snip.

In another corner of my kitchen, I have my favorite faux white tulips tucked into a vintage white hobnail milk glass creamer that was my mom’s.

It’s displayed on an old oak lazy susan that I upcycled with gray paint. Plus, look at that vintage ironstone tureen that I recently found at a thrift store for $2.99!

It looks so pretty displayed here with another of my favorite little white birds perched alongside.

Giving your kitchen a spring vibe can be easy and inexpensive if you use ordinary things you already have. A stack of white dishes filled with some citrus fruit adds a bit of fresh color.

A basket with some flowers is a perfect spring touch. Even a fresh and pretty dish towel can add a pop of spring color. My favorite is my vintage embroidered tea towels.

Side note: I just noticed that I have the same Artifacts kitchen faucet by Kohler as Marley does in the inspiration picture, just in a different color. 😁 I love, love, love this faucet too, Marley!

Fresh Scents

Fresh spring scents are the easiest way of all to add spring to your kitchen! Change out your candles and soaps to scents that are bright and floral or citrus-y.

I’m partial to Mrs. Meyers’s dish soap. For spring, I love the honeysuckle and the lilac scents! I also love J.R. Watkins hand soaps.

I got hooked on these when we visited a B&B in Minnesota that was the former home of the Watkins family, and we also visited the factory where the products were originally made.

Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

I always have some sort of seasonal centerpiece on my kitchen island. I like to place it on a large tray for easy removal if I need island space for cooking or serving. Right now I’m using this beautiful round wooden tray from Magnolia’s Hearth & Hand Line at Target.

Add a green glass jug with peonies, some farmhouse beads, another spring-scented candle, a sweet little bird, and some real violets in a vintage milk glass vase, and it’s the perfect spring centerpiece.

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42 thoughts on “Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

  1. I chuckled to myself when you said to keep the counter free of clutter Niky. My husband asks why I have so many things on the counter and I respond, well, it is an opportunity for me to fill it with things I love. You are right though, I am constantly cleaning all of it all the time. Maybe I need to clear it out a bit. Love your flowers in the metal carrying basket.

  2. Thank you for sharing this decor idea. I like your coffee station set up. It’s really inspiring! Please keep sharing with us more and more ideas

  3. Hi Niky! What a beautiful kitchen! Thank you for sharing such great kitchen styling tips! I’ve always had a special fondness for bird decor! So pretty!

  4. So many pretty things! That ironstone terrine was a steal! The tulips, the round wood tray, the hooks for the coffee mugs – loving all the things! Congrats on being featured on Tuesday Turn About!

  5. I like that you said that flowers and plants, even fake ones, are great decors to add a spring touch to your kitchen. This is a great tip for me since I am in the process of decorating my new apartment. Your tips would be great to help me achieve a bright and welcoming kitchen space. Thank you for this!

  6. Niky, you have collected some wonderful vintage and faux vintage items for your kitchen. They had such character and functionality to any kitchen. I love that you have items from you mom. I do, too. Using them adds a special feel to the space. Happy Spring.

  7. Your spring kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I remember that coffee mug stand! It looks perfect. I really love that window above your sink and how you can see into the next room. The uncluttered look is so inspiring. I’m really challenged with that, but I’m trying so hard! I don’t know why I feel like I have to put everything I own out on display! Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. So fun to see more of your pretty kitchen, Niky! I love your recent ironstone tureen score; you’ll enjoy that throughout the year. And yes, there’s something so calming about having simple, more bare countertops!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle. You’re so sweet. The granite is called “Romanix”. I remember it easily becuase we looked at SO MANY patterns when we were selecting it. It’s a big committment since it’s going to be such a big part of your kitchen for years and years! Good luck!

  9. Great job Niky! Your kitchen looks like it could be quite the gathering place during parties. Especially looking out of your window over the sink. LOVE THAT! Thanks so much for joining in. Pinned!

  10. Your spring kitchen looks so fresh and clean… love the spring touches you added, and I want that mini tureen. It would make a wonderful butter dish, I’m thinkin!

  11. Niky, your kitchen is beautiful with the antique-style windows, and cabinets which look vintage but are so modern. LOVE the granite you have on your countertops!!! I do like all the pretty wooden items you have out, too, as well as your mother’s crockery. Years ago, I picked up some nice wooden utensils in England (of all things to bring home in a suitcase!) but they were an amazingly beautiful wood. I do like all the ones they have at HomeGoods, too… It’s hard to go in there without finding a ton of neat things to bring home! ;)

    Enjoy your sparkling kitchen,
    Barb :)

    1. Thanks so much for all your kind comments, Barbara! I still can’t get my comments to work on your blog post, so let me just tell you how much I enjoyed getting a peek into your kitchen as well! I agree about HomeGoods, but I bet your wooden English utensils are the best! I love it when something is useful, and also has a fun memory attached! ❤️

  12. HI Niky,
    I love it! Perfect choice of flowers on the island. I have similar lighting that you have over your kitchen table but over my island.
    Your kitchen looks ready for spring. xo laura in Colorado

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