Simple Easter Centerpiece

Decorating doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes, simple is better. This simple Easter centerpiece was created by gathering just a few basic elements– flowers, a candle, and a couple of seasonal pieces– and grouping them together on a tray or basket.

Recently, I shared my Vintage Seed Packet Crafts, and showed how I styled them in an easy spring-themed vignette.

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Notice the basic elements: I started with this versatile wooden circular tray that is a current favorite of mine. I use it both for decor, but also for charcuterie, as it’s food safe. I added this candle from Target that looks like a vintage crock, some real tulips, and then my seasonal elements– vintage flower seed packets, the bird, and the Willow Tree Angel.

Grouped together, they create a spring-y centerpiece that was super simple to put together.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the real tulips have since died, and Easter is just around the corner, so without spending much time or money, I wanted to revamp this simple kitchen island centerpiece for Easter.

Tray and Candle

I kept my favorite wooden tray and candle from Target as my starting point.


In place of the tulips, I added this “recycled” bouquet of white flowers and greenery. The flowers came from a lovely “just because” bouquet that my hubs surpised me with way back on February 23. Some of the greenery was wilted and falling off, but the white flowers still looked wonderful! So I rearranged them in a pretty white ironstone vase and they look like a whole new bouquet–for free.

Seasonal Elements

To swap this simple centerpiece from “Spring” to “Easter” I changed out the bird and Willow Tree Angel for an Easter rabbit, and some twine carrots. Then, I made another version of my Vintage Seed Packets, this time with carrot seeds instead of flowers. Since I didn’t have any more real seed packets from Dollar Tree, this time I made a vintage-looking envelope by tracing a template onto a brown paper grocery bag, and gluing my vintage seed picture onto it.

With just a few easy changes, I have a simple Easter centerpiece now that cost nothing and took only a few minutes to pull together.

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Happy Easter Decorating,

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