Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

This Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy is the answer to the messy soap and water puddle that collects around the kitchen sink.

One of my daily little annoyances in life is the messy soap and water puddle that collects around the faucet and backsplash of the kitchen sink.

Can you relate? If so, this Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy is the answer you’ve been looking for!

I’ve tried a variety of different holders and organizers, but aesthetically they seem to look too utilitarian, or even worse, they are hard to clean and end up collecting a lot of slimy gunk. 😱

I just wanted something cute that would hold my dish soap, hand soap, and sink sponge, and would keep the water from puddling all around the back of the sink. Not too much to ask for, right?

After perusing many online options, I finally ended up where I typically do–with an “I can make that myself” mindset. 🤣

Most of the projects and DIYs I take on are easy. But this one, guys, is soooooo easy. Like the easy-peasy easy.

How to Make a Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

I saw a sink caddy for sale on Etsy, and it literally used this same Dollar Tree planter that I already owned. In fact, it was out in my garage, because I had a plant in it last year. 🤣

Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy made from a Dollar Tree planter.

With the purchase of some inexpensive finial dowel caps, I was in business!

These finials come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to select a size that will work for the size of bin or container you plan to use.

Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

Since this is going in an area where it will get wet, I used clear Gorilla Glue which is water-resistant, because that’s what I had on hand. If you really want to be on the safe side, I’d use the white Gorilla glue that is waterproof.

I used a generous amount of glue and let it dry overnight.

Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

The next day, I painted the finials with some white craft paint. When they were dry, I gave them a generous coating of Amy Howard light wax. This gave the white paint a bit more of an antiqued look, and also helped add some water resistance.

If you really want to make your caddy last a long time, and stand up to water, you could choose an exterior paint instead, or spray the feet with a coat of poly for some extra water resistance.

Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

That’s it, folks! I told you it was easy!

Look how nice and tidy it looks next to my faucet. It keeps the puddling water to a minimum, was a piece-of-cake to make, and cost next to nothing! Winner winner chicken dinner! 🐔🐓🍗

Make Your Own…

Or Buy One Already Done!

Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy made from Dollar Tree supplies

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6 thoughts on “Simple DIY Farmhouse Sink Caddy

  1. Love this simple project, those seem to be the ones grabbing my attention these days when it comes to me actually working on them. Ha! Thank you so much for sharing with Whimsy Home Wednesday!

  2. Hi Niky – After I saw this I just had to make one! Thank you for sharing the idea. I posted it on my blog and noted that I got the idea from you…and put a link to your blog on mine. I just LOVE the way this container looks…thanks again !

  3. LOVE this idea! Saw this container at Dollar Tree and thought I don’t have a plant to put in it, but it is SO cute ( we moved to an apartment with a wonderful screened patio, but very little sun so my plants are mostly faux) and I love the idea of having it in the kitchen to corral all the soaps! THANK YOU for posting this! Happy Easter !

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