Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

A romantic dinner for two at home is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this week. I wanted to do something to surprise him, because he always has sweet little surprises up his sleeve for me. 💕

For example, this is what I stepped out of the shower to on the morning of our anniversary.

Flowers, gifts, a special card are perfect for a romantic dinner at home for two.

Since we still aren’t eating in restaurants due to the pandemic, I decided that a romantic dinner at home was the way to go.

Since it was our anniversary, I wanted to make it extra special, so I decided to create a tablescape reminiscent of our wedding

Our Wedding

We had a small wedding in a rustic little lodge, that we managed to pull together only 3 months after we got engaged. My mom was nearing the end of her battle with cancer at the time, and I needed her to be there, so we put things together quickly.

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

Even though we put it together fast, it turned out beautifully, and was such a happy day.

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

Our Anniversary Dinner

Fortunately, I still had several of the pieces we used at our wedding, and it was so fun to get them out and use them again.

I set up a small table in front of the fireplace of our screened porch, so it would be similar to the lodge vibe of our wedding.

Fireplace Mantel

The sign we used on the mantel of the lodge fireplace at our wedding now hangs on our bedroom wall, so I took it down and used it to recreate a similar mantel on our porch.

Some white hydrangeas from Costco, white votive candles, and some mini white pumpkins (this time faux pumpkins), and it was almost exactly the same!

Setting up a card table in front of the fireplace adds a special touch for a Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Table Centerpieces

We hired a guy to make us a rustic tree cake stand, and tree circles to use in the centerpieces of each table at our wedding, and we saved them all. I have used them many times over in various displays and arrangments around my home. For this dinner, I went right out to the front porch and simply borrowed one that I used for my Cozy Fall Front Porch design.

I also still had the lanterns and the gold table runners. I bought a simple white table cloth from Amazon, that fortunately had one-day delivery, since this table wasn’t as pretty as the solid wood lodge tables at our wedding.

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

More hydrangeas, votives, and pumpkins, and my white china and cloth napkins, and it was looking pretty close to our wedding dinner!

lanterns and candles for Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Place Card Holders

The small wood circles were used for seat assignment cards at the wedding, but I repurposed them here to hold our anniversary cards to each other.

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Candlelight for Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

For our wedding, I ordered a box of 100 votive candles. We had them placed all around the lodge, and by the time dinner was served, the room was aglow with candle light. I can still remember how beautiful the slight scent given off by the candles was, and when I used them again for our anniversary dinner, it took me right back to that night. 💕

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
The Wine

The table was a bit on the small side, so I brought out a small side table to hold the wine. We served a variety of reds and whites at our wedding, and I don’t remember what any of them were! So instead, we drank a bottle of the same kind we had our first Valentine’s Day together.

Romantic Dinner for Two at Home
Wine for

My sweet daughter and her husband gave us a thank you card after their wedding last year. Inside was a beautiful note that melted my heart:

They had also included a gift card to Biaggi’s inside, which is where my husband and I had our first date.

Fun story, that night on our first date, we were so engrossed in conversation, that three hours went by without us even realizing it. We were suddenly startled by the sound of chairs sliding on the floor, and looked around to see that the restaurant was totally empty of all customers except for us. 😳

The workers were moving chairs and starting to mop the floor! I have no doubt that the loud chair noise was their way of signaling us to get out! 😂

Getting lost in conversation that night was clearly the beginning of a good thing, because my husband proposed exactly 9 months to the day of that first date, and we got married 3 months later, just one day short of the one-year anniversary of that Biaggi’s dinner. 💕

So it seemed fitting that we used the Biaggi’s gift card for this occasion, and picked up dinner as take-out and brought it home.


And since we were recreating our wedding dinner, dessert had to be wedding cake, right? Luckily, a local bakery makes a delicious “Wedding Day” cupcake that I picked up on my way home from work.

I have to say, our romantic dinner at home was actually better than dining in a restaurant. We had great food, the place all to ourselves, and no worries about the workers getting irritated with us because we stayed too long! 😂

I’m a lucky girl, and I know it. Daily, my husband goes out of his way to do sweet and thoughtful things for me, so whenever I get the chance to show him how special he is, I take it.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you so much…

Missing you both…. 💔

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  1. Oh this is lovely, and such a great idea. It’s my anniversary in a couple of weeks, so I think I may be copying you! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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