Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

My mom was very crafty. 😍 She was particularly known for her crocheting, especially the beautiful crocheted blankets and dish towels she made. But, I also have several other cute crafts that she made and gave to us over the years, including these sweet little Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments.

Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments
Ribbon Angel Ornament made by my mom

After she and my dad passed away, we sorted through my mom’s Christmas stash, and I ended up with this tote. At first, I thought it was just spools of ribbons, but after closer inspection, I was thrilled to realize it was all of her supplies to make these little ornaments.

It even included her hand-written notes on how to construct them, as well as reminders about to whom she’d gifted them. ❤️ Priceless.

How to Make Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments:


  • 2.5″ wide ribbon (for the body)
  • 1.5″ ribbon (for the wings)
  • small Christmas bulbs (for the head)
  • narrow ribbon for neck bow (I used twine)
  • ribbon or pipe cleaner for the halo (I used twine)
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • optional embellishments (I used buttons on one)

Bonus Tip: Here’s how I store all my ribbons. These hangers are meant for pants, but they work great in the closet of my office to hold ribbon spools. I can either unroll and cut a piece of ribbon while it’s still hanging, or grab the whole hanger and bring it with me to wherever I’m crafting! Scroll to the bottom for the link.

Make the Body

  1. Measure and cut an 8-inch length of wired ribbon for the angel’s body. You can use whatever ribbon you prefer, but I like the 2.5 inch wide ribbon best for the body.
Measure the ribbon for Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

2. Apply a thin line of hot glue to the edge of the wired ribbon section, fold in half, pinch with your fingers and gather to create a loop.

Fold ribbon for Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments
Pinch and glue for Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

Make the Wings

3. Cut a 9-inch piece of the 1.5″ wide ribbon to use for the wings.

Measure ribbon for the wings of the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

4. Fold the ribbon for the wings so that the two outer edges meet in the middle.

Fold into wing shape for Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

5. Apply a thin layer of glue in the middle and press the two edges down to seal in place, carefully pinching the middle with your fingers to gather. Be careful of the hot glue!

Hot glue the wings Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments
Use a small bulb for the head of the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

Attach the Body, Wings, and Head

6. Turn ornament upside down and attach the wings to the ornament cap with the glue gun.

Hot glue head in place for the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

7. Add more glue to the top of the ornament cap, and press the wide body ribbon into the glue to attach.

Head in place for the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

Add the Neck Bow

8. I used a 20-inch piece of twine for the bow, because I wanted enough length for it to flow and curl. If you’re using ribbon, you may prefer a shorter piece. This part is totally up to you and the look you’re going for.

Measure twine for the sting to hold Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments on the tree
You can also glue twine around neck for a bow on the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

Add the Halo and Hanging Cord

My mom didn’t put a halo on hers at all, and they were still adorable.

I decided to use twine for the halo, since I was using twine for the bow already. Pipe cleaner would work really well, too, and look cute–especially the sparkly kind!

9. To make the halo, I cut a 3-inch piece of twine, formed a circle, and held it in place with a small dab of hot glue near the back/top of the head.

Use more twine for a halo on Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

10. I used 8 inches of twine to make a hanging loop, per my mom’s instructions. Unfortunately, in this one, I forgot to attach it before gluing on the wings, so here, it’s more visible on the back.

Glue twine to back of wings to hang on tree for the Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

In subsequent angels, I glued it on to the back of the head, before attaching the wings, for a more polished look.

I also then pressed it in to the same dab of glue that holds the halo on, for even more staying-power.

Hanging twine for Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

The Finished Angels

Here you can see the more traditional angels made by my mom, and my more rustic farmhouse-style angels. They are both so cute!


One thing I love about this project is that you can totally customize it to your style, decor and preference!

Finished Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments on tree
Another finished Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments
Use buttons to decorate if you want. Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments
Tree lit up with Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments

These Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments are so easy and fun to make, and hold a special place in my heart. If you give them a try, I’d love it if you leave me a pic of yours in the comments.

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Resources to make your own Ribbon Angel Christmas Ornaments:

3 Rolls Wired Edge Ribbons (2.5 in x 30 Yd)

6 Rolls 45 Yards Christmas Wired Edge Ribbons, 2 Inch, 1 Inch

Snowflake Ribbon with Wired Edge – 10 Yards (Grey, 2.5 Inch)

Chicken Wire Canvas Wired Edge Ribbon – 10 Yards (Grey, White, 2.5″)

 Taupe & Black Geometric Shape Wire Edge Ribbon, 2 1/2″ Wide

Ticking Stripe Wired Edge Ribbon – 10 Yards (Black, Beige, 2.5 Inch)

Trousers Pants Hangers – 20 Pack 

In case you’d rather buy than make 🤪:

Candy Cane Angel Ribbon Ornament

Angel Ribbon Ornament

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  1. These little angles are adorable and I love the fact that you only need basic supplies to make them. Thank you for sharing your post with the Home Imagined Link party.

  2. Love these sweet angels! We had an angel tree for years, I would make multiples of angel ornaments each year so our angel tree was filled. These would make a wonderful addition! thanks for sharing this amazing article about ribbon angel Christmas ornaments .

  3. Love these sweet angels! We had an angel tree for years, I would make multiples of angel ornaments each year so our angel tree was filled. These would make a wonderful addition! Pinned 😊

  4. I apply a thin line of glue to the edge of each part of the wired ribbon, fold in half, pinch with my fingers and gather to form a loop. Turn the jewelry upside down and attach a large loop to the jewelry hat with a glue gun. The ornament becomes the head of the angel. Floss is very easy to thread with all kinds of jewelry and it is so thin that it can be easily found wherever you hang decorations.

    1. I loved this idea of the angel ornaments! There are sooo many beautiful ribbons to choose from! I chose the starfish ribbon to add to the “beach theme” of my new house!
      I had to improvise on the heads because I was unable to find any plain silver or gold small ornaments! I did find some pretty gray bells that I painted over with a pearlized white paint and I’m happy with the result!
      Thanks for a great idea’

  5. It’s wonderful to see how you created these lovely ornaments with ribbons! VERY inspiring! So glad that you join the fun with my “Show & Share”! WONDERFUL! Very happy to see your lovely work! Thank you for your support!

  6. These are so cute and I love that you are carrying on your Mum’s tradition. The instructions are really clear and helpful too. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  7. Those ribbon angels are so cute!! <3 Thanks for sharing how to make them! I don't know if we'll be putting a tree up this year, but it'd be fun to make these even just to give as presents! <3

  8. These ribbon angel ornaments are super cute Nicky and especially lovely because they were passed down from your mum.
    Thank you for sharing them at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I delighted to be featuring your ornaments at tonight’s party and pinning too.

  9. Niky, these ornaments are precious! I love that you are able to make them and share your mother’s love of crafting. I have been trying to come up with ideas of what I can do for my mother’s caregivers and now I know. These ornaments would make the perfect gift. Thank you for sharing! It is wonderful to hop with you. Happy crafting! xo

  10. I love that you have your mum’s instructions still, these things are so special to find aren’t they? I love your little ribbon angels too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Handmade Monday

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  12. Oh those are so darling, and what a sweet thing to find your mom’s notes too! I can see why they have a special place in your heart. I love how you customized them too – totally adorable! I’m off to read some more of your posts. It’s so fun to share these hops with you!

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  14. Hi Niky, these are so cute. Thank you for sharing this great idea. I think I know what I will be doing this weekend – thank you for the inspiration. I love how the angel ornaments turned out.

  15. These are the cutest little angel ornaments ever. I love the ribbon you used and the added touch of the buttons is the perfect touch. I might just have to try and make these with the extra ribbon I have . It was so fun being on the hop with you.

  16. Your sweet ribbon angels would look right at home on a wrapped gift as well as the tree. I liked how you showed the ruler when you cut the ribbon. It’s a good visual aid that really helped.
    And what a wonderful surprise to find your mom’s hand written notes – such a treasure!
    Thanks for taking part in this blog hop – it’s great to have you join in on the fun.

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  19. Pinned! I love your ribbon angels. These are so cute. This will be the perfect gift for my mother in law. I bet you have an amazing collection of ribbon. Happy to be hopping with you.

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