Prime Purchases: September 2022

Now that September is here, we have “officially” entered fall.

That may not be a fact, but nonetheless, this is the month when the fall vibes start creeping in for me.

I’m ready to think about pumpkin spice latte, fall baking, cozy blankets, and decorating with pumpkins and mums.

How about you?

And since, it’s the first Tuesday of the month, I’m linking up with Tanya to share our monthly Amazon Prime finds!

Scroll down to check them all out!

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My Prime Finds for the Month

Skylight Digital WiFi Frame

My office at school doesn’t have any windows, but I bought this beautiful WiFi frame that adds some brightness and cheer to my space.

My daughter can send me pics of our favorite baby right from her phone, and they magically show up on the frame and scroll all day long.

Christmas is not that far away, and this would make an excellent gift for grandparents.

Electric Nail Tool Set

I stopped going to the nail salon back in 2020 when they all shut down, and just got into the habit of doing my own nails again. I could go back now, but actually prefer doing them at home. It’s one less thing I have to squeeze into my busy schedule, and also a money saver.

This electric nail tool makes doing my own nails easy and kind of fun, too.

Woven Vinyl Placemats

I love setting a pretty table, so having a choice of which placemats to use is fun. These are cute and help prevent scratches and heat spots on my table.

Plus, since they are woven vinyl, they wipe off easily, making them a good family-friendly option.

Pet Interactive Pop-Up Book

I went to babysit little Evie a couple of weeks ago and took this book for her. We have the just dogs version at our house and it always makes her smile when she’s visiting, so I wanted to get one that she could have at her own house.

It’s very interactive because it has different textures to feel, and pages that pop up or have slide-outs to create motion. (Another great Christmas gift idea!)

Reading with Daddy

That’s it! What have you been Priming lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments if you want to share!

PS. I’ve also linked up some of my favorite fall shopping ideas below!

More Fall Shopping!

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3 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: September 2022

  1. I’m intrigued by the electric tool set. So after you use that, do you do your own dip powder nails or gel polish? I get my nails done every month with dip powder and you’ve got me wondering if I need to do them myself! I’m going to look into this more. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I am currently using gel polish on my nails and have been since COVID shut all the salons down. I’ve been investigating various home dip powder systems and may try that at some point. The drill works nicely to take the top layer off of the polish when I’m ready to redo my nails so that I can soak off the polish, and start again. There are lots of different tips that work nicely to prep my nails to hold the new gel polish. Using this method, I usually go about three weeks before having to redo them. It’s more cost-efficient, but the main benefit for me is not being able to do my nails on mu own schedule rather than having to try and work in appointments. 🙂

  2. Look at sweet Evie reading that book. My kids loved those touch/feel books when they were babies and toddlers. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases ~ Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road

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