Prime Purchases: June 2020

I know, I know…it’s not the first Tuesday of the month. But next week is pretty busy for me, and if I don’t get my monthly Prime Purchases post up this week, it likely won’t happen. Better early than never, right? 🤣

A weird morphing of time seems to be a recurring theme for me during “Pandemic 2020”. Anyone else? Either time seems to be frozen, or else it races ahead with lightening speed and I lose track of whole chunks.

Exhibit A: “March has been the longest year of my life…”

Exhibit B: “Wait, it’s JULY already? Did we have June this year?”

What even is happening? If someone knows, please explain it to me.

Anyway, one constant and predictable steady in my life is my good friend Amazon, still making regular stops at my front door.

Here’s what they brought me in June, which according to my “Orders” page on Amazon, actually did occur. Not sure how I missed it…

Florist Pro Long Sleeve Rose gardening Gloves, Thorn Resistant Garden Gloves

You might have read in my Life Lately post, that I rescued some clearanced roses from Lowe’s recently. With some TLC, they are coming back to life, and actually have some little roses on them already!

But, in trimming off the dead parts, and transplanting them, I learned very quickly that my regular garden gloves were not gonna cut it! Amazon to the rescue with these “thorn proof” ones!

Portable Camping Side Table for Outdoor Picnic, Beach, Games, and Patio- Folding with Carry Case for Travel and Storage

Last weekend, my hubs and I ventured out to a local winery for their Sunday afternoon concert series. It was a good socially-distanced way to spend some time outdoors with live music and wine. The winery has a large area of open outdoor space, making it easy to spread out– for most people anyway.

Of course, there always seems to be one person who can’t understand the six foot rule, right? In this case it was one whole family who arrived after the band had started playing and forced their way right into a small spot way too close to us and two other couples. They plopped all their kids and gear down, causing the rest of us to have to get up and move further away. I mean, why? Situational awareness is clearly not something everyone possesses.

Anyway, you bring your own chairs and food, and are just asked to purchase their locally produced wine, which is delicious.

Some other people nearby (but not too nearby 🤣) showed up with this little pop-up table. My husband and I both commented on how handy that would be, and since Father’s Day was coming up, I covertly pulled out my phone and secretly ordered it right at the winery.

Apparently so did he, though, because his got delivered to the house a couple of days before mine. 😳 I had to remind him that it wasn’t necessarily a good idea to be randomly purchasing things on his own, right before an upcoming, gift-giving holiday. 😂

Anyway, it’s super handy and we’ve already used it out in the driveway for some of our socially-distanced driveway gatherings. And, it folds up and slides into a little pouch with a handle for easy transporting. I highly recommend it. Plus, it has built-in cup holders.

Taco Holder Stands, 4 Pack Stainless Steel 

Last week, we made some amaaaazzzing fish tacos for dinner. I have that in my plans to share with you soon! As I was arranging them on the plates, it occurred to me that some of these handy little taco holders would have been ideal. I ordered them up to have on hand for next time. I’ll let you know how they work after we try them.

Vionic Women’s, Indulge Relax Plush Slipper

I’m in love with these slippers. We have hard floors on almost all of the upper level of the house, and after walking around on them barefoot all day, my feet start to hurt. All winter and spring, I wore my favorite Vionic Emily Leopard Print slippers that my sweet hubs gave me for my birthday, but as the weather warmed up, they were just too hot to keep wearing.

That’s when I discovered these. They are still comfy and soft with arch support, but they are much cooler to wear for the summer, because your toes are out!

I sent this picture to my daughter when I first got them, and she replied with, “Okay, Kardashian.” 🤣😂🤣.

My goal wasn’t necessarily to make a fashion statement, just to soothe my sore feet, but they are cute, so that’s a bonus. 😆.

They come in other fun colors, too. I wanted pink, but they didn’t have it in my size.

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods — Variety Pack, 96 pods

I buy almost all of our coffee from Amazon. They usually have the best selection and the best price. I saw in the Costco ad recently that they were offering a variety box of dark roast Starbucks K Cups, and I almost added it to our Costco shopping list. Then I decided to check Amazon, and wouldn’t you know it, Amazon had a bigger box for a better price. Sold.

Kauai Coffee Single-serve Pods, Na Pali Coast Dark Roast – 100% Premium Arabica Coffee from Hawaii’s Largest Coffee Grower, Keurig-Compatible Cups – 12 Count

This coffee is our absolute favorite, and Alexa knows it, because she frequently reminds me that it’s time to reorder it. 😳. Sometimes, Alexa is kinda of creepy, don’t you think? She knows an awful lot….

My husband and I first had this coffee on our honeymoon in Hawaii, where we toured the coffee plantation where it’s grown. Literally the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Uhg, Hawaii looks awfully amazing right now. Damn, pandemic.

Large Pop up Mesh Screen Food Cover Tents,Reusable and Collapsible (White Set of 4)

We’ve been doing a lot of outdoor gathering lately, to keep things safer, and unfortunately the flies have been super aggressive. 😫

Last Friday night, we invited two of our awesome neighbor couples over for “Driveway Happy Hour”. We set up our chairs in the driveway, and put some appetizers on a card table in the garage. I ordered these from Amazon, and they came with speedy one-day delivery! They were perfect for protecting our food from the bugs!

I made our favorite Hot & Cheesy Corn Dip, and both the hot casserole dish of dip, and the chips were able to fit under one of these nice-sized net covers.

If you’re serving food outdoors, you’re going to want these.

Replacement Gaskets for Nutri Bullet 600W and 900W Blender

I had to buy these the other day after an unfortunate accident while making my favorite Cherry Almond Smoothie in the Nutri Bullet. I’m not sure how, but the rubber gasket that goes around the blade ended up a mangled mess in my smoothie. Oopsie. Thank goodness Amazon offers quick replacement parts, so I can be back in smoothie business soon.

Triangle Bed Sheet Keeper with Heavy Duty Gripper Clips 

For some unknown reason, the corner of the sheet on my hubby’s side of the bed was coming off every single night. Some weirdness seems to be happening at night around here. 😂

Case in point, one night recently, I woke up to him literally howling like a wolf directly in my ear. 😳

Here’s how the rest of this went down:

Me: “What in the actual hell is wrong with you?” (Apparently I’m kind of cranky when I get woken up suddenly and unexpectedly by loud shrieking directly into my ear drum.)

Him: “I was trying to save you. You’re welcome.”

Me: “Uhhhh….what?”

Him: “I was having a nightmare that there was an intruder in the house, and I was trying to warn you, but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth…”

Me: “Oh, well in that case. Thank you.”

By that point, we were both laughing uncontrollably, and unfortunately, both WIDE AWAKE. How’s that for some 2 a.m. excitement? I’m telling ya, it’s never boring around here. 😂

Needless to say, these sheet fasteners seem to have solved one problem at least.

USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K Cable, Compatible with MacBook Pro

Our church is still not having indoor services yet. Thank goodness our pastor is smarter than most of our political “leaders”. Our church has been doing outside services in lawn chairs, and are still having live stream services, which is what we have elected to still do.

I bought this adaptor to allow us to broadcast my computer screen to our big television, which makes it easier to view services from the comfort and safety of home.

Thank you Lutheran Church of Hope and Pastor Mike for continuing to be a calm in the storm.

Eucerin Q10 Face Lotion with SPF 15 – Fragrance-Free, Moisturizes for Softer Smoother Skin – 4 fl. oz Bottle

I’m still buying most of my necessities online, rather than traipsing through the stores. When summer finally arrived, I needed a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, now that we are spending so much more time outside. I saw this one recommended on another blog, and it got great reviews. Since it is considerably less expensive than the one I was buying, I decided to try it, and I have not been disappointed. It’s light, non greasy, and has a 15 spf.

UNITE Hair Leave-IN Conditioner, 8 Fl Oz

My hair is getting long. Due to the pandemic, I haven’t had a cut since December. Even so, I always use a detangler on my wet hair to make it easier to comb through, and I love this one from Unite. It works great and smells like candy. Whenever my husband hugs me, he always says, “I love the way you smell…” Win/win. 💕

BIOLAGE Styling Thermal Active Spray | Heat Styling Treatment Adds Body & Volume | Paraben-Free | 8.5 Fl Oz.

Before pandemic, I used to blow dry my hair every morning, and therefore needed to use a heat protector. For the past several months, with no pressing reason to leave the house most days, I’ve just let me hair air dry.

Lately, I have had a few appointments that I’ve had to go out for, which meant I needed to replenish by heat protector. Right now I’m using this one from Biolage, and like it a lot.

Nail Scrubber Brushes

Lots of time spent gardening lately means lots of dirt under the nails. My husband and both use these to clean up after all that messy garden and yard work.

Superior 8mm Pile Height with Jute Backing, Gorgeous Patchworked Damask Design, Fashionable and Affordable Woven Rugs, 8′ x 10′ Rug, Beige

I already had this beautiful rug in the 5×8 size under the seating arrangement in front of the fireplace on our three-season porch. Recently, I decided I needed another, bigger one, to go under the patio table out there, because the chairs were starting to leave marks on the floor from sliding in and out.

I ordered a matching one in the 8×10 size and it’s working out perfectly. I love the coziness it adds, the chairs slide on it so much more easily, and its comfy on our feet while we are dining there, which we do most nights in the fall, spring and summer.

The colors in this work so well in this space. I like how it has a dark brown to go with the table, gray to go with the cushions and paint, and green to complement all the nature outside the windows.

Almost all my rugs come from Amazon. They have a great selection, and reasonable prices, plus delivery!

I’d love to know what you’re buying on Amazon. What things do you think I need to check out?

Happy Priming!

This post contains affiliate links.

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    1. Hi Shelbee, yes, the “Kardashian” slippers are fabulous! I highly recommend them! Nothing better than being comfortable AND stylish at the same time! 🤣.
      And we have already gotten so much use from the pop-up table this summer. Well-worth the money!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Lots of good things, love Prime! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 14, open until July 26. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

  2. Love your daughters Kardashian response….sounds exactly something my daughter would say to me. I tried on a pair of UGG that were very similar, and comfy. Have a happy 4th!

    1. Thanks, Heather! The pop-up table is so useful in so many different situations! Thanks for stopping by…

    1. Joanne, great mind think alike and all I guess, right? But yes, it’s super handy! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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