Prime Purchases: July 2024

Prime Purchases 2024

I’m late again with my Prime Purchases. We were out of town for Hayden’s baptism, and then we hosted everyone here for the July 4th holiday. My time management skills have been put to the test lately, and I think I’m failing! 🤣

BUT, I’m linking up with Tanya anyway to share our monthly Amazon Prime finds because there were some good ones this month. Better late than never!

Scroll down to check them all out!

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My Prime Finds for the Month

14 in 1Multifunctional Food Chopper

I have seen this chopper all over on social media and finally decided to order it to assist with my July 4th food prep. Wow, what a big help it was! I used to quickly and easily chop veggies for a black bean salsa, and toppings for fish tacos. I’m super happy with this purchase.



Belt bags are super popular right now, and I see so many people wearing ones from popular brands. I decided I’d like to have one for hands-free carrying during the summer and for some of our upcoming travels. I compared many (and bought a couple that I sent back) and this one was the clear winner. It has a longer adjustable strap, more zippers, and great mesh pockets inside for organization. PLUS, it’s on sale right now for a GREAT price!

belt bag

Nespresso Variety Pack

Had to restock my favorite Sweet Vanilla Nespresso pods, and decide to change things up with this variety pack that also includes Caramel and Hazelnut. So yummy!


Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

I keep this on hand to keep my washer smelling fresh. My washer has a setting especially for cleaning, but the box of Affresh gives directions on how to use it with any washing machine. It takes that musty smell right out!


RipSkirt Hawaii 

I bought two of these and love them. I got one in “length 1” and another longer one– “length 2”. They are great for wearing over my padded bike shorts, as a swimsuit cover, or even as a perfect casual summer skirt. They come in solids, and lots of pretty patterns. Worth the money for sure because they are so versatile, wash and dry well, and don’t wrinkle too much.

rip skirt

2 Pack Refrigerator Thermometer

We have a garage fridge that sometimes has trouble keeping up when the temps outside are super hot. I bought these so I can check on the temp and make sure things are staying cool enough.

fridge thermometer

Silicone Placemat for Toddlers (Sealife and Farm) 

Evie has now graduated to a booster seat at the big table, and Hayden uses the high chair. 😭 How are these babies growing so fast?! My farmhouse table is beautiful, but it has a design flaw– decorative indents that are attractive, but also hold all the food a toddler can mash into them! I got her these cute placemats to avoid having to dig so much food out of the cracks on the table.

toddler placemats

LAURA GELLER Award-Winning Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation

I’ve been wearing this powder foundation for years, and wouldn’t dream of anything else. I now see lots of celebrities advertising it as well, so it must be gaining in popularity. It’s the best!

laura geller

Chevy Silverado Ride-On Truck

And finally, this adorable Chevy Silverado Truck that we got for the grandkids to play with at our house. We all had so much fun with it over the July 4th holiday. Sweet Evie did not want to get out!

I actually ordered mine from Walmart because it had faster delivery and could be here in time for the Fourth of July, but Amazon sells a similar one for a similar price after you include the $40 delivery fee.

It comes with a remote so that the adults have some control of where the kiddos are going, which was perfect for little “drivers” like Evie. This was money well spent for the amount of joy it brought us all.

That’s it! What have you been Priming lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments if you want to share!

PS. I’ve also linked up some of my favorite fall shopping ideas below!

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