Prime Purchases: April 2023

Prime Purchases 2023

Can you believe it’s the first Monday of April already? March seems to have flown by.

I’m linking up again with Tanya to share my Prime Purchases, and to peep on what everyone else is shopping for too. Care to join me?

You can scroll down to check out all of my finds, and then head on over to Tanya’s to see all the other link-ups this month.

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My Prime Finds for the Month

In an effort to keep the clutter off my counters, I purchased this paper towel holder and attached to the inside of the cabinet door under my sink. It comes with adhesive strips and screws both, so you can choose your installation preference. I’m using the adhesive and it’s holding up great!

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Whale Faucet Cover

Now that our sweet Evie is mobile, she has no patience for sitting still in the bathtub. I ordered this faucet cover and nonslip bathtub mat to help prevent any bathtub owies.

Extra Long Bath Mat

Square Adhesive Furniture Sliders

One of my daily annoyances is trying to slide the heavy ottoman across the rug in our living room. Suddenly the other day, it just dawned on me to purchase furniture gliders! These attached easily to the bottom of all four ottoman feet, and now it slides effortlessly across the run to wherever we want it.

Gorilla Super Glue with a Brush

While I was working on my Pinterest Challenge post last week, my sweet little vintage bunny had an accident. This Gorilla glue that can be applied with a little brush worked well to fix him right up.

broken bunny

Bonus Etsy Finds

Customized Garden Sign

We really haven’t had much spring-like weather here in Iowa, but when it warms up, the first thing I’m going to do is get this fabulous rustic garden sign hung up on my garden gate.

Garden Sign

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and this customizable sign would make a great gift for mom.

Mouse Hole Decals

mouse hole decal

Isn’t this precious? Now that our little grandbaby is moving everywhere, I placed this adorable mouse hole decal on my baseboard. I thought it might be a fun little detail for her to find at Gigi’s house.

I loved it so much, I’m going to tuck this one into her Easter basket.

That’s it! What have you been shopping for lately? I’d love to hear about your fun finds or must-have products if you want to share!

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4 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: April 2023

  1. I have a non-slip bath mat for babies but I really need the faucet cover. I never bought one with our first baby and I’ve been putting it off for the 2nd lol.

  2. The little mouse is so precious! I’m interested in the furniture gliders. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

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