Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

Pantry Organization

Easy pantry organization ideas to help control the clutter, and make sure everything is easily accessible.

Organizing and cleaning are my coping strategies when life gets stressful. Anyone else? Pantry organization, in particular, is at the top of the list because when it gets messy, chaos ensues.

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Our Kitchen Pantry

Keeping my pantry space under control makes my entire household operate more smoothly.

Our pantry is in the back hallway of our house, right off the kitchen.

It is a fairly large pantry with wire shelves that provide a lot of space for storing our pantry staples.

It has a door, but because we pop in and out of the pantry so frequently, the door is almost always left open for convenience. This makes pantry organization even more important.

Kitchen Hallway

Bins, Baskets & Jars

I bought several clear bins for the sole purpose of organizing my pantry, but I also rounded up various baskets from around my house to use, too.

This saved me some money and cleared some clutter from other areas of the house where these baskets weren’t necessarily needed anymore.

Wire basket

Before investing in new pantry containers, first shop your house to see what items you already own that can be put to better use in your own pantry.

Look for storage ideas such as:

  • woven or wire baskets
  • clear jars and glass containers
  • plastic containers or tubs
  • spice jars

Creative Ideas for Pantry Storage

Once you’ve sourced the best storage solutions you can find from around your house, think about some pantry organization DIY ideas.

With just a little bit of pretty peel-and-stick paper, you can customize your own containers out of plain dollar store containers or even cardboard boxes. This custom route is a great way add some flair to the rest of your space.

DIY Project

These DIY rolling pantry crates were the inspiration for my entire pantry organization project. Once I got these beauties up and running, it made me want to tackle the rest of the disorganized pantry, too.

Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

Rolling crates are an amazing pantry organization idea. They add extra storage under the pantry shelves, and they easily glide out (thanks to the casters) from under the bottom shelf for easy access.

Their generous size makes them a great place for storing bulk goods and larger pantry items.

One rolling crate is fully stocked with coffee right now. Because running out of coffee is not okay. ☕️

Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas
Pantry Crates on Wheels DIY Tutorial

–> Go HERE for my easy tutorial on how to make your own rolling pantry crates.

Make Use of the Vertical Space

Since I am not especially tall, the very top shelf of my pantry is hard for me to reach. By placing smaller food items in these little baskets, I can reach up and pull the whole basket down for easier access.

Pantry Organization

Clear containers on the higher shelves hold items for my baking habit, such as sprinkles, cupcake liners, food coloring, birthday candles, etc. I can lift these bins down and easily carry them to the kitchen counter when baking.

baking supplies in clear tubs

Lazy Susan

We use a Lazy Susan to hold our coffee syrups and another for our vitamins.  These are great for small pantry makeovers because you can easily access items on all sides with just a little spin.

Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas
Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

Food Storage Containers

I have several of these food storage canisters that I use for sugar, flour, pasta, rice, etc. They keep food fresh, and are easy to see when items need to be restocked.

Because they are stackable, they make maximize your pantry space.

Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas


I really like having labels on all my pantry containers.

They add to the tidy appearance of the pantry but are also helpful when unloading items from the grocery store. The labels make it really clear where things should go and prevents things from just getting dumped anywhere on the shelves.

Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

They also make it easy when looking for a particular ingredient or creating a grocery shopping list, because all the items of a similar kind or purpose are together.

If you’re looking to see if you have spaghetti sauce, you know exactly where to look. If it isn’t in that one certain bin, then you know you need to add it to your list, rather than hunting through every shelf all over the pantry.

clear pantry containers

I use a chalk pen and simple labels like these, but if you want to go the extra mile, a label maker is a great idea for creating professional-looking labels.

pantry oils and vinegars

Back of the Pantry Door

Don’t forget about the valuable real estate on the back of your pantry door, especially if your pantry has limited space.

I use the back of my door to hang my aprons using a hook like this, but here are some other back-of-the-door storage solutions:

I love a little organization and spring cleaning, how about you?

Just giving everything a thorough cleaning, tossing out the clutter that gathered over the winter, and putting everything in its proper place makes the whole house feel fresh and bright.

My office closet is next on my list. I’m working on a whole new closet organization system that I can’t wait to share with you soon!

Stay tuned,

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More Organization Ideas!

Decorative Inspirations
Decorative Inspirations

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Pantry Organization Resources:

Because they are clear, it’s easy to see what’s in them. Plus they wash up really easily if anything gets leaky inside them, and the adhesive chalkboard labels I used stick really well on them.

I ordered these plastic bins from Amazon in a variety of sizes.

iDesign Plastic Storage Bin with Lid, BPA-Free, 14.5″ x 8″ x 4″, Set of 2, Clear

mDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Bins. BPA Free, 16″ Long, 4 Pack – Clear

mDesign Plastic Storage Organizer Container Bins – Large for Organizing Snacks, Produce, Vegetables, Pasta Food – 2 Pack – Clear

Non-skid pantry Lazy Susan Turntable

10 Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Set 

Elfa Wire Mesh Storage Drawer Unit- White.

Chalkboard Labels 173 Pack, Pantry and Storage Stickers for Jars: Set w/ 2 Markers

12 Mini Chalkboard Wooden Label Clips

I used the sticky labels above on my plastic storage bins, but I used these with clips on a lot of the baskets that I used in my pantry.

This post contains affiliate links.

50 thoughts on “Easy DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

  1. Fantastic article on pantry organization! As someone passionate about home efficiency, I love your practical and innovative ideas, especially the rolling pantry crates and the use of vertical space. Your approach to repurposing items and customizing storage solutions adds functionality and personal style to the pantry. These tips are great for maximizing their pantry space and keeping everything neatly organized.

  2. Oh wow, well done, what an awesome job you have done. It’s very satisfying to see such a well-organized pantry. I now only have one large wooden cupboard and as its pretty compact I can see everything at a glance. Thanks for sharing this at SSPS.

  3. Niky, your pantry organization is inspiring me to do a little refresh in our pantry! I love the rolling crate idea. What a great way to use the floor space and keep it tidy at the same time! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!

  4. Niky – First I wish I had a pantry then I’d be all in on organizing. Those crates, I was ready to click and order, love that you made them but I seriously wanted them NOW. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think keeping my pantry organized is one of my favorite organizing projects. Like you my door is open a lot and keeping it tidy is important to me. I love the rolling crates. I’m going to put my husband on that project ASAP. Thanks so much for joining us in this blog hop.

  6. Great pantry organization! Once I labelled all my baskets and bins it made a world of difference. (Amazing that hubs didn’t just mind read where things were supposed to go). I am so going to make a set of rolling bins for the floor. Brilliant!

    It was great to have you hopping with us today. Really enjoy having you link up regularly at Fabulous Friday Link Parties!

  7. Niky, my pantry is the same style as yours. I love the wooden rolling crates. They are great. I have bins under mine. I much rather have something that rolls and on the look out to even make something. Love those clip on labels too.

  8. WOW!! I just LOVE how you did your pantry! I have bookmarked this for ideas for mine. Thank you for the detailed photos and post. ~Adrienne from Gluten Free Preppers and a member of the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew

  9. I’m well impressed with your organisation skills. i have a couple of wine crates and a tonne of castor wheels in the shed to use, think I will be doing something similar myself soon.Thanks for joining in with #PoCoLo Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Post shared on twitter also.

  10. We are on the same page–I’ve been sharing an organization series and just finished my pantry and linen cabinet too! 😉 Great tips–thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  11. We are in the process of remodeling our home and we turned the washroom into the Pantry for added space but there isn’t a lot of room in there and its hard to get in and out of with the Shelves so I need to rethink things and may make some of the Rolling Carts not only for the Pantry but my office as they can be used in any room of the house including the Living Room with throws.

  12. I LOVE neat. I love the clear bins. Some people will never catch on to any storage system and just rely on what they can see. You showed many photos of the project which is very helpful. And, I want a Dry Goods sign for myself!

  13. I love pantry organization and yours is gorgeous. You can find anything in there and I love the lazy Susan. Are you prepping for winter? These are adorable. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. I will socialize your article if buttons are provided.

  14. Wow, wow, wow! That is my dream pantry! I have great intentions to be organized but it quickly goes to he@# in a hand basket once I get groceries. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Wow, wow, wow!! That’s my dream pantry! I’m great at starting to be organized, but after I get groceries my good intentions go to hell in a hand basket! Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Hahaha, you made me laugh Raegan! I totally hear ya though. When you’re in a rush, tired, and come home with all those groceries, it’s hard not to just dump them all on a shelf and call it done!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Amy, oh it’s so funny that you noticed that! My husband saw it in the picture after he read my post and commented about it, too! He wondered if anyone else would notice! 😂 In our defense, that is in there because it’s an ingredient in our very favorite Brussels Sprouts with Maple Bourbon Glaze recipe! I got tired of going downstairs to get it from the bar, because we make those Brussels so often, so I ended up just leaving it there in the pantry!

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!
      Best Wishes,

    1. I hear you Jeanne. I’m writing a post right this minute about how realizing we won’t be able to host Easter dinner for the family like we normally do has me feeling a little down and unmotivated today. I think it’s normal in this situation to be up and down, and lack some motivation. I push myself to keep doing stuff because it helps distract me from my worry. I’d gladly come do your pantry if it weren’t for “social distancing”. 🙂
      Wishing you peace and health,

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