Our Amazing Disney World 50th Birthday Celebration Trip–Day 2

Our Amazing Disney World 50th Birthday Celebration Trip–Day 2

Welcome back to our Our Amazing Disney World 50th Birthday Celebration Trip–Day 2! Just in case you missed Day ONE, you can find it HERE.

Since we can’t travel right now, and we’re living in a literal deep freeze with negative degree temps, I am comforting myself by reliving this trip, where the weather was warm, and masks were not yet a thing. Oh, the good ol’ days….<sigh>

Magic Kingdom Day

We woke up early, grabbed coffee and headed to the bus. Bus service from AKL to all of the parks was pretty easy. There were rarely more than a few of us waiting, and on this morning we had practically a whole bus to ourselves, since we were headed for an early breakfast reservation!

Fun with Filters on the Bus

My husband is such a good sport, and indulged me in playing with some fun Snapchat filters while we passed time on the ride. 💕

Main Street without a Crowd

Because we had a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest before park opening, we were able to walk down Main Street while it was relatively free of crowds. This was the least crowded I’d personally ever witnessed it, and it was fun to see this view of the castle without so many bodies in the way. 😂

Breakfast at Be Our Guest

I had done my research and pre-ordered our breakfast prior to arriving. This allowed us to skip the long line of people waiting outside the castle, and instead we litereally just headed right in. After giving them our names, they gave us a buzzer and told us to seat ourselves.

It was fun to take in the beauty of Belle’s Castle while we waited, which wasn’t long, because we’d only been seated a few short minutes when our food arrived– breakfast sandwiches, fruit, pastries, and Peach Bellinis!

Playing Like Kids!
We enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells (and tastes!)

Dinner at Ohana in the Polynesian Resort

By late afternoon, we were ready for food again, and luckily we had a reservation right across the lagoon for dinner at Ohana in Disney’s Polynesian resort. We hopped in a water taxi and boated on over.

We had a lovely table by a window, delicious food, cocktails, and Ohana’s famouse Hawaiian Bread Pudding (with a birthday candle!) for dessert.

Back to Magic Kingdom for Fireworks

After our fabulous birthday dinner, we boated back across to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks. We browsed through some shops on Main Street for a bit, where I bought myself a birthday gift at Uptown Jewelers.


Then, we headed back to the end of Main Street to secure a spot for fireworks viewing.

We elected to watch the fireworks from the end of Main Street right in front of the train station, so we could book it out of there ahead of the crowd when the fireworks were over.

We were tired after this fun-filled day at Magic Kingdom and ready to get back to our resort. Especially because we knew we’d be up early again the next morning to secure a spot in line at Animal Kingdom for Flight of Passage!

Up Next: Our Amazing Disney World 50th Birthday Celebration Trip–Day 3 at Animal Kingdom Theme Park…

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  1. Looks like that was a wonderful day and wonderful vacation. I love the idea of reliving past vacations since we’re not traveling on new ones. I may need to do that with my husband this weekend!

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