My New Organized Home Office Closet

Lighted office closet

Do you have closet space in your home that is ineffective, underutilized, or just not working for you? I’m here today with a custom storage solution to help you maximize your storage space and finally get your closets under control. Wait until you see my new organized home office closet!

This post is sponsored by Wood Closet Designs but all ideas and opinions are my own.

I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated workspace for my home office. It has enough room to work, gets great natural light, and has a beautiful view.

One thing that’s not so great? The closet.

For the sake of being completely transparent and real with you guys, I’m going to show you my embarrassing little secret.

Are you ready? I’m warning you, it’s bad…

See, I wasn’t joking. It was a hot mess.

Can you guys relate?

Work-life balance is hard, and when I can’t keep up, this is what happens.

I get busy, I toss things in there and just close the closet door.

You too?

Oh good, I’m glad I’m not alone with this mess.

My New Organized Office Closet
Same closet, minus the stuff.

It’s a decent-sized closet, but it had wire shelving that just wasn’t working for me. Obviously.

As you can see, we tried to make it more functional with some storage solutions from a container store, but it still just ended up being a messy closet.

Wood Closet Designs

You guys, what if I told you that I discovered a closet system that changed everything?

With only a few hours of easy DIY installation, I had built-in storage that transformed this small closet into a workhorse that solved all my office storage needs.

Closet Builder

In four easy steps, I was able to design my custom built-ins using the Closet Builder on the Wood Closet Designs website.

Step 1: Closet Type

My office has a reach-in closet, but you can use the Closet Builder to design built-in closets of different types for any area of your home.

Wood Closet Designs has closet organizers that can be customized for smaller closets as well as spacious walk-in closets.

These DIY custom built-ins are also a good option for unique spaces, too.

  • What about a cubby system for a mud room?
  • A shelf system for your pantry?
  • Storage options for your laundry room?
  • Turn an unused closet into office space with a compact desk and shelf space.
  • Design creative storage for a craft room or for the kids’ toys.

Step 2: Dimensions

Next, I carefully measured my closet and entered the numbers into the Closet Builder. Easy peasy.

Step 3: Design Your Closet

This was the fun step!

I was able to select from several different module types for my office built-in closet.

Since I needed to organize a lot of smaller items and office supplies, I selected a variety of adjustable shelves, but there are many other options such as drawers, shoe racks, corner units, and units for hanging clothes.

You can mix and match modules in different ways until you get the perfect DIY closet system for your needs.

The Closet Builder creates a sketch for your own custom DIY closet.

Closet PDF

Step 4: Purchase

Once I had everything measured and my module types selected, I placed my order.

In about 2 weeks, these boxes showed up on my doorstep.

I couldn’t wait to get started!

My New Organized Home Office Closet

DIY Closet Installation

Even though the hubs and I are in no way closet experts, we had no trouble at all getting our custom closet installed.

There was absolutely no need for a professional installer. The instructions were so clear, with every piece labeled, that even novice DIYers like us could easily tackle this job.


The first step was to take out the existing wire shelving.

My New Organized Office Closet

The shelf supports were attached with drywall anchors, so there were plenty of holes that needed to be filled after we removed them.

Install the Cleat Hanger

The closet kit came with everything we needed for our custom closet build.

It included all of the necessary hardware, and even some nice extras like the appropriately-sized drill bit, and a touch-up pen in case we made any scuffs during installation.

office closet hardware

We used a stud finder and a level to ensure the cleat hanger was anchored into the studs and perfectly level.

This is the most important step because the cleat supports the weight of the floating closet. You want it to be level and anchored into the studs.

Install the Side Panels

The side panels have a notch that slides over the cleat hanger. We made sure to hang them with the cam pin sides facing each other.

Install the Cam Locks & Pins

We installed all the cam locks and pins into the horizontal shelving pieces before assembling them inside the closet.


Can I just pause a moment to point out the quality of these wood pieces?

They are made of solid plywood with real wood edging. No particle board here.

Closet Assembly

Actually assembling the closet was super easy.

The cam locks snap over the pins, and then we used a screwdriver to lock them in place.

I mean seriously, how easy is that?

We used the included shelf pins to install the adjustable shelves to our desired positions.

Finishing Touches

The custom closet kit by Wood Closet Designs even comes with some nice little extras to pretty everything up. 🙂

The Reveal

My New Organized Office Closet

I love how the shelves can be adjusted according to personal preference, and to take full advantage of vertical space in my office closet.

I customized the shelf heights to work for storing my office supplies, craft supplies, file folders, and even a workspace in the middle!

It already looks so much better than my previous closet!

My New Organized Home Office Closet

Take a peek at my new organized home office closet!

My New Organized Home Office Closet

The bottom section of the middle module is intended for hanging clothes and came with a closet rod. I chose not to install it because this is the perfect place for my Cricut cart to roll in and out for easy access.

I can always add it later if this room ever reverts to a bedroom.

My New Organized Office Closet


To maximize every bit of extra space, I installed this wall-mount sliding accessory that is meant to hold scarves.

For a closet such as this one, it’s a great way to hang scissors, ribbons, and other odds and ends. It would even work great as a cord organizer!

If you’re installing a built-in closet in your bedroom, you might choose from other useful accessories such as a valet pole, tie or belt racks, jewelry drawers, etc.

My New Organized Office Closet


But wait, I had one more trick up my sleeve!

One of the best ways to install light fixtures in a small closet without calling an electrician is to use light strips such as these.

This set came with a total of 5 light strips. I attached two on each side of the closet, and one on the top.

The remote easily turns the lights on and off, adjusts the brightness level, and can even be set on a timer, so you don’t forget to turn it off and use up the batteries too fast.

Lighted office closet
Beautiful, easy, and functional lighting for my gorgeous new DIY closet system.

Before & After

Let’s take a moment to recall how far we’ve come.

Such a dramatic improvement, right?

I’m so happy with how this entire closet turned out.

I now have enough space to store all of my office essentials, with extra storage space left over.

Plus, it’s so pretty now that I often leave the closet doors open while I’m working in my office. It feels like I’ve gained extra square footage in the room!

Wishing you the closet of your dreams,

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16 thoughts on “My New Organized Home Office Closet

  1. This is a wonderful transformation for an office closet! Thank you for detailing the step by step process! Does Wood Closet Designs help with the design layout if you explain what you are looking for? My client has a similar closet – the two side shelvings would be behind the doors pretty deeply, it is currently hard to reach anything on the sides. I am thinking your layout may be easier to reach items on the shelves? I also like the middle section you have with a desk-like counter area. A printer may be a good option in place of the cricket, but may need to install outlets in the closet. Thanks so much for any additional tips!

  2. Would you please share how you stored your files? I have a lateral filing cabinet in my closet and want to remove it and replace with an organized system like yours.

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing your closet make-over at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. I’m SO excited to feature you at this month’s party (#569). Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  4. This looks so great! I have to do this to mine…especially since I just emptied out my office closet due to a mouse discovery…ugh! Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning!

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