Let’s Look: What’s in Your Purse?

Today I’m joining Shay and Erika for their series called “Let’s Look”. Each month they host a link up where we take a peek at the little things in our lives.  We ended up skipping the March one, because it fell right in the middle of the “corona chaos”, so now we’re catching up a bit by doing two in one month.

I didn’t participate in the April “Let’s Look” because it was about how you celebrate Easter, and to be honest, this Easter was really hard for me. It was the first major holiday without either of my parents, my husband had to work, and because of social distancing, we couldn’t be with any of the rest of the family either. Plus, my mom’s birthday fell the day before Easter this year. Add in that it was cold and rainy, and yeah, it was a pretty dismal weekend.

When Mark got home from work, we watched our church’s recorded Easter service, and then had Texas Roadhouse takeout for just the two of us. I can’t wait for the day when big family gatherings are the norm again.

Let’s Look

So today I’m participating in this light-hearted and fun post with Shay and Erica, because we need some simple things to take our minds off all this other stuff, right?

My Bag

This is my current favorite purse! I got this Dooney & Bourke Through the Years Button Tote at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom last year. Mark and I took a Walt Disney World Trip to celebrate our 50th birthdays, and I came home with this limited edition bag as my “souvenir”. ❤️ I love that it reminds me of our trip every time I pick it up.

What’s Inside?

I used to be one of those people who had everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. But then last year, I started having some neck issues, and carrying a heavy bag really aggravated that. So, now I make a conscious effort to carry only the necessities, and lighten my load.

Wallet— I also downsized my wallet and now only carry this smaller one with the my driver’s license and the few cards I use regularly.

Sun Glasses— I have lots of pairs of inexpensive sun glasses, because I like to have a pair in close reach whenever I want them, rather than invest in one pair of nicer ones that I’m always trying to track down. I keep a pair in my purse, my car, my husband’s car, and even in the mudroom, so I can grab them quick when going on a walk or out in the yard.

Rewetting Drops for my Contacts– my eyes dry out very easily, so rewetting drops are a must. I keep some in my purse, my desk at work, and in my nightstand for nighttime use.

Keys-– I got this key ring on Etsy. I like it because it’s big enough to easily find in my purse, and can be looped over my wrist easily. There’s nothing worse than hunting around for lost keys. 😣

Hand Lotion— This one is from Bath & Body Works. I have several of these that I always choose for free with the coupons they send out. They are nice, and I like having them around in lots of locations for easy access. But my favorite hand lotion is L’Occitane. If you haven’t tried it, OMG. It’s truly the very best hand lotion I’ve ever used. I lost my small one that I had in my purse, so this one is my back up. 🙁

Hand Sanitizer— This is a hot commodity right now! Since it can’t be found in stores right now, and it’s not wise to leave the house without any, I have been forced to dig through all my drawers and cupboards and find all my little pocket-sized ones that I usually use for travel. This is not the time to be particular about scent! 😂 Even though it’s April, right now my hand sanitizer smells like Christmas! Desperate times and all…

Lip Sense— Lipsense has been my favorite lipstick for a few years now. I love that it lasts for hours and hours after application. I always carry a color and a gloss in my bag–the gloss is Sweet Pea and the color is Goddess. My absolute favorite color is Caramel Apple, though.

Pocket Phone Charger— A dead phone is no fun. I like to have one of these if I expect to be out of the house all day, just in case. Unfortunately, I haven’t needed it lately. No long trips out have been happening since we are staying home right now.

Nail File–My mom first gave me a set of glass nail files years ago, and they were a game changer! They work so much better than the old emery boards I used to buy. I always keep a small one in my purse for when I unexpectedly get those rough edges on a nail.

Gift Cards– I make a point to keep all of my gift cards rubber banded together in my purse, after too many times of being someplace and then remembering that I have a gift card. At home. 😣 Now I carry them with me in the zipper pouch part of my purse, so I have them with me when needed.

Pop over to Erika and Shay’s blogs and see what everyone else has in their bags. It’s okay to be nosey sometimes. Especially now, when it feels good to let our brains go someplace easy and stress-free, right?

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Wishing you peace and health,

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