How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

The Halloween season is such a fun time of year to decorate. This easy DIY method for how to make a Halloween deco mesh wreath is a fun Halloween craft and Halloween decor all at the same time!

My DIY Ribbon & Burlap Wreath is one of the most popular posts on my blog. This deco mesh Halloween wreath is another fun fall wreath that can be created in just a few simple steps.

Halloween Wreath Tutorial


I used a combination of Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree supplies to make my festive Halloween mesh wreath.

supplies forHow to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

For this deco mesh wreath, you will need the following basic supplies:

  • 2 rolls of coordinating deco mesh, 10 inches wide (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • 12 chenille stems (also called pipe cleaners)
  • 1 wire wreath form (mine is 14″ and came from Dollar Tree)
  • 4 coordinating rolls of wired ribbon, 2.5 inches wide (72 inches of each)
  • 1 small decoration for the center of your wreath (I used a spooky ghost from Dollar Tree)
  • sharp scissors or a rotary cutter

Step 1: Cover the metal wreath frame with deco mesh

orange deco mesh and chenille stems for How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

Begin by loosely attaching 12 pipe cleaners to the wire wreath frame. Six should go on the outer circle of the frame and six on the inner circle.

Your frame most likely will have alternating supports between the two circles of the frame. This is a good place to attach each pipe cleaner piece.

Next, choose one color of the deco mesh (I used the orange deco mesh with stripes) to form the wreath base.

Place the cut end of the deco mesh into one pipe cleaner loop and twist once to hold it in place.

Make a small poof about the size of your fist, twist, and then attach to the frame with the next pipe cleaner.

Continue this process until you’ve covered the entire outer circle of the frame. Without cutting the deco mesh, simply cross over to the inner ring of the frame and continue poofing, twisting, and attaching with the next pipe cleaner until the entire wreath is covered.

Step 2: Prepare your ribbons

You will need 4 coordinating colors and patterns of wired ribbon that are 2.5 inches wide.

I purchased THIS pack of 6 from Amazon which is nice quality thick ribbon. I only used part of 4 rolls for this festive Halloween wreath, so I still have two complete rolls left for another project.

You will need 24 total ribbon pieces for this Halloween ribbon wreath, so cut six, 12-inch pieces of each of the 4 patterns.

Dovetail each ribbon by folding the ends of the ribbon and cutting diagonally from the outer corners to the center.

This is an optional step, but it’s a great way to add a little extra flair to your wreath.

How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]
Six pieces of each of the 4 ribbon patterns.

Step 3: Prepare the second color of deco mesh

For this step, I used an orange sparkle mesh from a roll that was 10″ wide.

Cut 24 pieces that are 10″ by 10″. Since the roll is already 10″ wide, I simply measured 10″ in length and cut each one until I had 24 pieces.

orange sparkle deco mesh
How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

Step 4: Make the deco mesh and ribbon embellishments

Now that the bottom of the wreath is formed, and all your remaining materials have been cut to size, it’s time to add the top section of the wreath.

Roll two of the deco mesh squares tightly (cut edges folded inward for a clean look) and hold them criss-cross in your hand.

Open one pipe cleaner twist.

Choose two coordinating pieces of wired ribbon and criss-cross those over the rolled pieces of deco mesh in your hand.

Place the entire ribbon/mesh cluster into the pipe cleaner opening (along with the bottom mesh already inside the loop) and twist this entire section together tightly.

Tuck the ends of the pipe cleaner behind the wreath and twist to conceal them.

Continue this same process with two more rolls of sparkle deco mesh and the remaining two patterns of ribbon.

When you have completed this process, you will have used all 24 pieces of ribbon and mesh on both the inner and outer rings of the wire wreath frame.

Step 5: Fluff and Embellish

Choose a fun embellishment for the center of your wreath, depending on what kind of wreath you want to create.

I wanted a cute ghost wreath, so I chose this whimsical little ghost sign that coordinated with my ribbon pattern nearly perfectly.

More cute centerpiece ideas might include a witch hat, a black cat, or glitter pumpkins.

If you want a more scary Halloween wreath, what about a black crow, a plastic spider, or even a rat for the centerpiece?

Dollar Tree and Amazon both have a great selection of cute spooky Halloween decor that would work well.

How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

I placed my little ghost sign in the center of the wreath and simply looped the beaded twine through a pipe cleaner twist on the back of the wreath. If your embellishment doesn’t have a string or twine, use a hot glue gun to secure it with glue on the back of the sign.

–>Tip: If you run out of pipe cleaners, floral wire will work in a pinch.

Once your centerpiece is secured in place, the last thing to do is give your wreath a little “fluff” making sure the end of your ribbons are positioned nicely and the patterns are right side up, if applicable.

For example, I tried to make sure the ghosts on my ribbons were visible and facing upward as much as possible.

More Easy DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

  • Green and purple are also great Halloween colors! Green deco mesh and purple deco mesh would work well with ribbons like THESE.
  • You could add some large floral picks as accents. Orange ribbon and flowers on a black wreath would be so eye-catching!
  • Most mesh wreaths are made with a wire form, but you could try a foam wreath, and wrap it with the deco mesh and ribbons. Dollar Tree carries a lot of cool stuff for wreath-making! Check your local dollar store to see what you can find.

Time to Decorate!

Here’s my front porch all decorated for the month of October.

In addition to my new front door wreath, I added a few more simple outdoor Halloween decorations.

It’s nothing too elaborate, but just the right amount of Halloween decor to get us through Beggar’s Night.

After that, I’ll swap it out for some basic fall decor just until Thanksgiving and then….all the CHRISTMAS stuff comes out!

Halloween season
How to Make a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath [Easy DIY]

Wait until you see the red cardinal grapevine wreath I’m working on!

But until then…..

Happy Halloween,

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