How to Hand Stamp Vintage Silver Spoons

Don’t you love it when things just come together in an unexpected way, and result in something really special?

That’s exactly what happened to me this week.

  1. I recently connected with a very sweet (and successful) blogger (Hi, KariAnne!), who has generously been giving me some really great blogging advice. As I was prowling around on her blog, looking at examples of some formatting she suggested that I try on mine, I came across her post on stamping silver spoons, and I knew immediately I wanted to try it, because:
  2. My anniversary was coming up, and…
  3. I had a box of my grandmother’s vintage silverware just sitting in my basement.

These three events aligned, and the result was this:

I love that it uses some of my grandmother’s vintage spoons in a meaningful way to commemorate our anniversary, rather than just letting them sit in a box.

And I love that the inspiration came from someone I admire; a strong and successful woman, who is helping other strong women achieve our goals.

See what I mean? Sometimes it’s about more than the thing. It’s about all the things that came together to result in the thing. Know what I mean?

So yeah, this “spooning” frame is cute, and kitschy, and maybe even a little cheesy… but it also represents some really meaningful things in my life.

When I look at it, I see all of that wrapped into one little package. ❤️

Okay, so here are the details…

I have this box of antique silver, with a note in my mom’s handwriting that says they were her mother’s.

There are 3 different patterns of silver in this one box. One pattern dates to the 1940s, and one from 1918. These both have multiple pieces.

However, the third pattern in the box only had two pieces–two silver teaspoons.

Hmmm… seems like those two lonely spoons were practically destined for this project, don’t you think? I say yes.

The Frame

I used this clearanced frame from Hobby Lobby, because I liked the ornate pattern.

I took the glass out, and then wrapped the cardboard insert in some gray linen fabric.

I folded it over the edges, making sure it was tight, and then glued it generously with hot glue on the back.

Then I inserted it back into the glass-less frame.

Silver Stamping Set & Craft Metal Sheets

I bought THIS letter stamping set from Amazon, and a package of very thin crafting sheet metal from Hobby Lobby. THIS one from Amazon is similar.

You will also want a stamping block (the round circle pictured below), to make sure you are able to get a nice, firm stamp in your metal.

The craft metal can be cut fairly easily with regular scissors, but be careful! The edges can be sharp!

Start Stamping!

It was fun to create my wording using the stamps. The craft metal and the silver spoons are fairly soft metal, so just a few good, firm whacks, and my letters were imprinted!

Isn’t it kind of fun to look at these old spoons and wonder about the life they’ve lived before this?

What parties, holidays, or special events were they used for? How did my grandmother acquire them? Were they a gift to her? Did the ones from 1918 belong to my great-grandmother first?

Why are there only two of this pattern? The two lonely spoons are circa 1931 from the National Silver Company and the pattern is called Lady Joan.

And now, these 89-year-old spoons are living a whole different life, displayed in my home with our names and wedding year stamped on them. 💕

I love the little bit of tarnish on the spoons. It’s part of of their story.

I love that these particular spoons were handed down to me from the generations of strong women who make up part of my life story.

I love that this idea was inspired by a strong woman entrepreneur who is empowering even more strong women.

And I love that the spoons were used to commemorate our newest phase in life.

So much more than just spoons.

Your Turn

Part of the charm of these for me, is that they were my grandmother’s (and maybe even my great-grandmother’s) spoons, then my mom’s, and now mine. But if you want to make this project, vintage silver spoons are easy to come by.

You can buy vintage silver spoons at flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, and antique stores. I see odd pieces for sale all the time, and the ones that aren’t part of a full set sell for practically nothing.

The quote I used doesn’t work for you? Be creative! Choose something that is meaningful to you. Here are 103 Quotes About Spoons. The best part about this is making it into something that is special for you.

Wishing you moments in life that come together in interesting and special ways,

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Vintage Silver Spoons on Etsy

Silver Stamping Set

Professional Steel Block

Craft Metal Sheets

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25 thoughts on “How to Hand Stamp Vintage Silver Spoons

  1. This is such a lovely idea, I have a set of those punches and don’t use them very often. I’ll have to look for old spoons as soon as our lockdown ends and charity shops reopen

  2. Niky, this is the cutest I have ever seen! I love it for all the same reasons you do. It has so much sentimental value not only as the completed whole but as a sum of its parts. Kind of like a marriage…each person is beautiful and unique and comes to it with their own story and then together something bigger and better is created. Thank you so much for sharing this and linking with me.


  3. This is an amazing idea, I have old spoons of my grans, but no stamping kit, however I do have an engraver that belonged to my father and several photo frames without glass, so I’ll give it a go, thanks for sharing with #pocolo and hope to see you back again soon

  4. This is just wonderful. What a lovely project. Not only do you show the easy steps involved, the story behind it adds all the more charm to the final result. Thank you so much for sharing. You brought a big smile to me, and surely to others,

  5. Lovely idea. The end results looks great and is indeed an ideal way to commemorate your anniversary 🙂
    Happy Anniversary and God Bless… May you both spoon forever! ( :)couldn’t resist!)
    Thanks for sharing at our #HomeMattersParty.

  6. I love it, what a fabulous, unique gift. I’ve never tried anything like stamping metal, but I think for a first job you’ve done really well. Lovely stories too, Happy Anniversary.

  7. Oh Niky these turned out so great! And Karianne is the best isn’t she? I recently started attending the webinars she hosts and what a great inspiration and resource she is.

    1. Thanks so much Carol! Yes, she’s been so helpful, and she’s so sweet! 🙂 I’m always so impressed by strong, smart and successful women who still take the time to help other women reach their goals.

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