How to Create a Layered Bedding Look

Pro tips for how to create a layered bedding look, step by step. An easy guide for styling a cozy bed like a designer.

A layered bedding look just like you’d find in luxury hotels is a beautiful way to create a cozy bed in your master bedroom or a guest room.

9 Simple Steps to Create a Layered Bed

1. Mattress Pad

The bottom layers of your bed are just as important as the top.

A good mattress pad should be your first layer, to protect the investment you’ve made in your expensive mattress.

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2. High-Quality Sheets

A good set of bed sheets forms the foundation of a great night of sleep.

Because the sheets come in direct contact with your skin, they directly impact your sleep experience. Therefore, looking for a sheet set with a higher thread count is best.

I like white sheets, but this is totally a personal preference. There are so many beautiful bedding collections that come in fun patterns and bold colors, so definitely choose what works with your color scheme and style!

First, add the bottom sheet. Mattresses come in different thicknesses, so you want a fitted sheet that will stretch tightly across the mattress without too much excess material that will bunch up when you sleep–or even worse, a bottom sheet that keeps slipping off the corners in the middle of the night!

The best way to hold bed linens tight and in place is to use these elastic sheet fasteners.

Next, place the top sheet upside down on your bed (with the wrong side facing up). This is because you’re going to fold it over the edge of your quilt or comforter, and you want the finished side to be right-side-up.

Pull the flat sheet as far toward the headboard as you can, leaving just enough at the bottom of the bed to neatly tuck under the mattress.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look using higher thread count sheets.

3. Quilt or Bed Spread

The next layer should be a quilt or a bedspread.

Place this on your bed so that it hangs evenly on all sides and covers the box springs. (You could also use a dust ruffle or bed skirt to hide the box springs and bed frame for a nice cohesive look.)

Because I have an upholstered bed frame, I like to fold the edges of the quilt and tuck them in at the bottom corners, sort of package style.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look for a good sleep experience.
Best bedding ideas.

You should have enough quilt/bedspread at the top to fold down several inches, folding the top sheet over it.

4. Comforter or Light Blanket

For the top layer, a fluffy down comforter folded at the foot of the bed is perfect for the cooler months.

Even during the warmer months, you may want an extra light blanket at the foot of your bed that you can easily pull over you if the air conditioning is on.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look with beautiful bedding.

I have THIS beautiful light blanket from Muslin Comfort at the bottom of my bed. It’s perfect for summer nights when I want to easily reach down and pull up an extra layer if we get cold.

Muslin Comfort
I adore this blanket! I got the queen-size even though I’m using it on my king bed because it’s oversized and generously covers the bed and hangs down the sides.

I have the Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket. It’s temperature-regulating and breathable, so it makes the perfect extra layer for any season. I have the white, but it comes in so many beautiful colors. It’s oversized, so the queen on my king-sized bed is plenty big enough.

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When we start having really cold nights, I like both a comforter and an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed.

Give your comforter a good shake to make it nice and fluffy, before folding it in thirds and placing it at the end of the bed.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look.  Headboard wall.

A duvet cover is a great option for use over a duvet insert rather than a heavy comforter that is hard to fit in your washing machine.

Because I have mostly white bedding, I want to be able to easily launder it. I purchased THIS duvet and THIS duvet cover from Amazon a couple of years ago, and they are still looking almost brand new.

Duvet cover for a duvet insert or comforter.

5. Bed Pillows

The first pillows to be placed are your standard pillows in pillow cases that match your sheets. Place these at the top of the bed.

For king-size beds, it’s a good idea to use king pillows, so they fill the entire width of the bed. If you have a queen bed, standard pillows work fine.

6. Euro Shams

Euro Shams are often used by interior designers to create a lush layered look, especially on large beds.

Two work well on a queen bed, but a king bed will likely require three.

Consider purchasing these in different colors or different fabric to add visual interest to your bed.

Instead of going with bold contrasts, I choose THESE euro shams in a neutral gray color, but with a textured jacquard pattern.

Euro shams, pillow shams, and decorative throw pillows 
How to Create a Layered Bedding Look

7. Pillow Shams

Pillow shams that coordinate with your quilt or bedspread come next. Complete comforter sets usually include matching pillow shams.

Place these on the bed propped against your standard pillows.

The shams I’m using on my bed right now are reversible, which allows for different ways of styling my bed. They have a pattern that matches my quilt on one side, and a coordinating pattern on the other side.

Lumbar pillow and pillow shams propped on standard pillows.

8. Decorative Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are the final step in your pillow game!

Whether you choose neutral colors or a variety of colors, accent pillows are a fun part of any layered bed. They are a great way to add seasonal touches to your room, too!

If you use neutral-colored bottom layers on your bed, it’s easy to change out the throw pillows for the different seasons and holidays.

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the best pillows.

I bought a lumbar pillow from Target, and it coordinates perfectly with THIS gray bedding collection from Walmart.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look
Magnolia Hearth and Hand lumbar pillow

You can see how I put them all together for my guest room makeover HERE.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look
guest bedroom

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9. Throw Blanket

The last tip: A knit blanket tossed near the bottom of the bed is a good way to add a touch of color or some different textures as part of your designer look.

How to Create a Layered Bedding Look
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If you use a weighted blanket as a top cover to get a good night’s sleep, you could drape that across the bottom of the bed instead.

This extra layer helps make your bed look like the perfect place to lay down for a nap!

While there is no wrong way to make a bed, these simple steps will help your bed take center stage, and make the whole room feel like a great place to relax.

And the good news is that they are simple enough for any of us to accomplish!

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