Fun Vintage Finds #1

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things to do is prowl around in antique shops, flea markets and thrift shops. Happily, my husband enjoys it too, so it’s become a fun hobby that we share. 💕

I’ve shared many of my favorite vintage finds in past blog posts.

Like this one from our trip to the West Bottoms in Kansas City–one of my favorite places to hunt on First Friday Weekends.

Or this one where we antique shopped over a long weekend at The Amana Colonies of Iowa.

Then there’s this one from our Minnesota and Wisconsin B&B trip, where we also hit up some really cool antique shops.

And this one, where I detail my favorite places to shop for antiques in general.

On top of all my purchased antique and vintage finds, I’ve slowly been sharing with you many of the items I inherited from my parents, like my antique hope chest, corner cabinet, crocks, vintage child’s chair, 139 year-old Adams & Co. cake stand, porcelain urn, and so many other things that I haven’t even shown you yet!

Sharing my vintage finds has become such a fun part of my blog, that I decided it deserved its own series. So today, I bring you “Fun Vintage Finds #1”.

Sunday Antique Browsing

Right after Christmas, my husband and I both had a few days off together. On one of those days, we got up early-ish, went through the drive through of a local bagel shop for breakfast and coffee (obviously–being well-caffeinated is an integral part of antique shopping), and then we headed out to one of our favorite local antique malls.

It was such a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday. Plus, my husband and I both came home with some fabulous finds!

Typically, I might come home with one or two things, if that. But this trip was a haul, because there were some good after Christmas markdowns. Normally, I’m very selective about what I buy, because I don’t want my house filled with clutter and stuff. If I don’t love it, or have a specific purpose for it, I don’t buy it. I usually have a specific list of things I’m looking for, and the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun!

Our Fun Vintage Finds

Nikko Christmastime Dinnerware

I don’t have a pictures of my actual dinnerware pieces, because I came across them in literally the first aisle I went down, snatched them up fast, and took them to the counter, because I knew what a good deal it was! By the time we were ready to pay, they already had the dishes wrapped and boxed, and I just brought them home and tucked them on a shelf for next year.

I borrowed this picture from online.

This dinnerware set is certainly not antique, but it is now retired. Most places online are selling it for considerably more than I paid. This 5-piece serving for one is priced around $80. Individual plates sell for $8 to $20.

I bought a stack of 16 dinner plates, 15 saucers and 3 cups for….. are you ready….. $20 for the whole lot. In pristine condition.

And now, I have the good start on a collection that can be used for family Christmas dinners well into the future. Plus, I can have fun hunting for more pieces to fill out my set. The thrill of the hunt is on

Hand Carved Wood Deer Set

Look at these sweet little carved wood deer. I don’t know anything about them, because they don’t have any markings at all, but I adore them. They will be perfect with my rustic woodland Christmas decor, and I have them out right now still as part of my winter decor. If you know anything about these little deer, I’d love to know!

Vintage Christmas Books

I’ve been collecting vintage Children’s Christmas books for two or three years now. It all began with my quest to find a beloved ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas book I had as a child. I haven’t come across that exact book yet, but I have collected several different versions of the Clement C. Moore classic, as well as quite a few other titles. I love displaying thise in a basket at Christmastime.

Vintage Silver Ornaments

A pristine box of Shiny Brights, at a decent price, has been on my shopping list for quite some time. I’ve come across a few at various places, but they are always priced too high. I’m a discerning shopper. I want what I want, but don’t want to overpay either. 🤣 After lots of antique shopping, I generally know what the going price is for whatever I’m hunting for, and I’m not afraid to pass something up if it’s priced too high.

These aren’t Shiny Brights, but they are in pristine condition, and I love that they have the 60 cents price tag from Younkers on them, still! I think they are from the 1950s.

These will look beautiful with the entire box of red vintage ornaments I inherited from my mom.

Taboo Game

On Christmas night, when all the kids were home, we had a Christmas cookie decorating contest, and then played some fun games. The kids wished that we had Taboo, which unfortunately was not in my collection.

Then, only a few days later when we were antique shopping, I came across an original version of it, in practically brand new shape, for only $5. Meant to be. Now, I have this tucked in our game closet for next time. ❤️

Michael Jordan Rare Air Book

Antique shops and flea markets never fail to have some really cool sports memorabilia, and my husband came across this book to add to his Chicaco Bulls collection. It was still wrapped in plastic and a great price.

The Thrill of the Hunt

We have a couple of fun antique excursions planned for the near future that I’m looking forward to. Are you an antique store/flea market/thrift store shopper? If so, you know what I mean by the “thrill of the hunt”. 🤪

I’d love to know what tips and tricks you’re willing to share, and where your favorite places to hunt are? Our long range trip planning includes some road trips over the upcoming months, so even if you’re not local, I’d love to hear your can’t miss locations!

Happy Hunting,

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8 thoughts on “Fun Vintage Finds #1

  1. I have one of the wooden deers too! Mine has a wreath around its neck. I can’t remember where I picked it up at but I’m sure it was an antique store or a yard sale.

    And that’s a great deal on the Christmas plates!

  2. I loved seeing your treasures; I have a mental list but am always open to “treasures” and things to upcycle. I have too many collections, and my house is full of beloved clutter! I have vintage booths in 2 different malls and love browsing them; prices seem awfully high to me most of the time. My SO, chauffeur and pack mule, only collects coins but keeps a word search book and a Diet Pepsi in the car for when he’s done, God bless him! We have some great days trips and lunches out here in Maine. I even do a bit of “Christmas shopping”, i.e., gifts for others, while I’m out and about. If God doesn’t let you die until all of your projects are done, I may have to be immortal!

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