Front Entryway for Fall

It’s time for another round of DIY Blog Hop with some of my favorite bloggers, and this month is all about front entryways.

I’m sharing how I decorated my front entryway for fall, inside and out, but be sure to keep reading for a look inside the lovely homes of all the other DIY bloggers, and see what they’ve been up to!

My Front Entryway

This entryway table was a wedding gift from my parents. I love decorating it for the seasons, and always try to give it some special attention, since it holds sentimental value for me.

My entryway rug is HERE.
My tiered tray is HERE.

Tiered Tray

I dismantled my Early Fall Apple Tiered Tray once October arrived, and replaced it with a more traditional fall tray with pumpkins and fall leaves.

I’d been looking for a reason to make Kippi’s Rae Dunn Inspired Signs since the moment I laid eyes on them, and this was it! Can you see it tucked in there on the bottom tier? So cute and so easy to make!

My tiered tray is HERE.

Once it starts getting dark so early in the fall, I try to combat it with as many interior lighting tricks as I can. I used my favorite fairy lights in and around all the items on my tiered tray to brighten it up.

I love that they are on a timer, and they automatically come on at the same time each evening, and go off by themselves 6 hours later. I have them on several different arrangements throughout my home, and they give off such a warm, cozy and inviting glow.

My Fairy Lights are HERE

Ribbon & Burlap Garland

After I had my tiered tray arranged, I decided the entry table still needed a little something. I have seen these rustic garlands on Pinterest, and knew I could make it with the leftover supplies I had from my DIY Ribbon & Burlap Wreath.

I started by cutting a piece of twine to the length I needed for my entryway table. Then, I cut 3 different ribbon patterns into 12-inch strips. I folded each strip into a loop, placed it under the piece of twine, and then pulled the tails of the ribbon or burlap through the loop, to form a knot over the twine.

This garland is a great example of how being creative often requires making adjustments as you go. I first hung up the garland with just the ribbons, but decided it looked too “wimpy”. I then went back and cut the burlap strips and added one in between each ribbon to fill it out more. Much better! Can you see the difference?

Stone Crock Dried Flower Arrangment

This Robinson Ransbottom crock sat in my mom’s kitchen for as many years as I can remember. It was fun to use it for this fall dried flower arrangement that I made. One of my favorite ways to decorate is combining old things with new.

We cut the cattails from the edge of the water on our property, and the dried wheat was only $2.99 at Trader Joe’s! The rest of the flowers and embellishments came from Hobby Lobby.

Trader Joe’s has great items for fall flower arrangements right now!

I added another string of fairy lights on a timer to this arrangement, too. When the overhead lights are off, and both sets of fairy lights come on, the front entryway has such a beautiful, warm glow.

Preserving Cattails to Use Inside the House

It was a piece of cake to preserve these cattails to be used in my dried flower arrangement.

My husband cut a few of them from the edge of the water. I then trimmed them to the various heights that I wanted, and removed any loose pieces.

Then, I used the same clear matte spray paint that I had left over from preserving my pumpkins.

I sprayed the cattails on all sides, including all the way down the stalks. I gave them all an even coat, being careful not to over-saturate them.

I happened to have this plant stand to to hold them upright while they dried for about an hour. Then I gave them a second coat. The spray paint should keep them from breaking open and spreading fuzz in the house.

After they were completely dried, they were ready to be used in my arrangement!

Outside Front Entrance

Here’s the view of my front entryway from the outside. You can see all the details of my Fall Front Porch HERE.

Flameless Outdoor Candles

Bonus Features:

Glass Pumpkins

Here are some of the glass and mercury glass pumpkins on my mantel.

Do you see my 139-year-old cake stand making an appearance here now? You can read all about it in my Caramel Apple Bars post.


More cozy lanterns with flameless candles on timers inside, next to my Dried Hydrangea Arrangement for Fall.

Lanterns HERE

Kitchen Island Centerpiece

A little fall color on the kitchen island. Isn’t this Oversized Carved Wood Tray beatiful? It’s from Target’s Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line and I adore it. It’s so versatile! I use it for charcuterie, and for vignettes like this.

Oversized Carved Wood Tray from Magnolia

For more entryway ideas, be sure to scroll down further to see what the other hosts of this DIY Blog Hop have been up to!

Next month’s hop is all about home offices, and I can’t wait to show you the office makeover that I’ve been working on since summer!

Side Table Makeover By Chas from Chas’ Crazy Creations
Creating Hidden Storage in our Entryway by Tarah from Grandma’s House DIY
Entryway Cabinet by Andrea from Design Morsels
Hidden Storage in the Front Hall by Mary from Life at Bella Terra

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  2. Your entryway is so pretty and inviting. I love all of the beautiful fall touches. Your tiered tray is especially cute. You also did an excellent job on your front porch. Looks so cozy. Happy Fall & Thanks for sharing and at #omhgww. Have a great week.

  3. I love what you’ve done with your entryway, Niky, and I love that this is a special wedding gift with special memories! Congrats – you’re featured at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy this week! 🙂

  4. I am loving all of your decor! Such a cute front table. I can’t wait until I have a real front table instead of the hand me down desk I have there now.

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  6. I love your fall entryway so much! Fall is my favorite and one thing that I really love about it is how you can decorate it with natural things that won’t cost a small fortune (and you don’t have to store them). This is awesome, thanks for sharing and for a great DIY Hop.

  7. Niky, having difficulty leaving a comment this morning…not sure why. Let’s try again. First of all, I love everything that you did to make your home warm and cozy for the Fall. The use of fairy lights does add magic! So nice to see both day and night time photos to get the full effect. Also, thanks for sharing how to preserve cattails. I just cut some when I was up in the mountains and didn’t know you could do that. Wonderful post and so nice hopping with you!

  8. Your house looks all decked out for fall. I like it. I like the burlap ribbon garland and the big lanterns. I never occurred to me to get a timer for the tinkle lights. That’s a great idea.

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