French Country Floral Basket Arrangement

French country home

An easy French Country Floral Basket Arrangement made with a combo of both faux and real flowers for a sophisticated look.

Spring here in Iowa is taking her sweet time arriving. We had a freeze warning yesterday, and temps for the entire week are forecasted to be far too cold to plant any beautiful flowers outside yet. 🙁

Fortunately, it’s time again for another fun Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Cindy from County Road 407, and this month’s challenge is all about creating beautiful flower arrangements for your door!

At least this will give me a little “flower fix” until Mother Nature is more cooperative.

If you’ve made your way here from WM Design House, I’m so happy to welcome you to The House on Silverado! I always love Wendy’s beautiful designs, and her flower door basket is no exception!

The Pinterest Challenge

If you aren’t familiar with the Pinterest Challenge before, here’s how it works: Each blogger takes the same photo and creates something similar that will work in their own homes, and with their own style. It’s amazing how many different interpretations of the same photo we end up with!

You can see some of my past Pinterest Challenge posts here:

Our inspiration photo this month comes from Sanctuary Home.

Sanctuary Home Door Floral Basket

At first look, Karen’s beautiful bouquet seemed to be filled with all fresh flowers.  But as I read on, I realized that she mixed in a few faux peonies to fill out her flower arrangement even more.  


My goal was to do the same but make some substitutions with the flowers I had available.

​French Country Floral Basket Arrangement

To make my French Country Floral Basket Arrangement, I started with this gorgeous door basket.  It has a lovely aged quality to it that makes it look like it could be a French antique when in reality, it came from Hobby Lobby!  

French Country Floral Basket

Since I was hoping for a French Country look, I would love to have used a toile patterned ribbon, but the closest thing I had in my stash was this pretty blue floral fabric.

I used my pinking shears to cut a swath of fabric about 12 inches wide. and long enough to wrap around my basket and tie in the back.

Instead of a bow, I gathered the fabric, twisted it once in the front, then wrapped it tightly around the basket and tied it in the back. This gave my arrangement a more sophisticated, less fussy look–perfect for a French Country home.

Faux Flowers

My basket is pretty deep, so I used some brown paper to fill the bottom and add support to my floral arrangement.

Then I started layering in my faux flowers until I had a beautiful hydrangea bouquet.

I used a combination of white and lavender hydrangeas because that’s what I had on hand, but light blue and green hydrangeas would also be stunning in this French style arrangement, too!

The great thing about making a custom arrangement like this is that you can decide on the color scheme of your arrangement that works with your taste and style.

I mixed in some trailing greenery too, to bring the overall piece to a more appropriate large-size arrangement for this space.

(I know my hydrangeas look pink in the photos, but they really are more of a lavender.)

faux hydrangeas for french country floral basket arrangement

Real Flowers

Next, I was ready to mix in some real flowers to give this arrangement an extra-special touch.

Hyacinths are some of my favorite spring flowers. I have some growing in my garden, but unfortunately, they haven’t done well this spring. I suspect the little garden voles had a delicious picnic on the root bulbs.

Ideally, I would have loved to clip some fresh flowers from my garden, but instead, I picked up these beautiful purple and blue hyacinths at Trader Joe’s.

purple hyacinths

I love Trader Joe’s flowers, don’t you? They’re just as great as any floral shop flowers, yet much less expensive.

Typically when I create floral arrangements in baskets, I slip a clear vase inside to hold the water. In this case, that would not work because my basket was too narrow.

Since I didn’t have the right kind of vase to fit my basket, I improvised by using small zipper snack bags.

This ended up working perfectly because each flower had its own mini bag of water, so I could place each one exactly where I wanted it in the overall arrangement.

Purple Hyacinths in french country floral basket

This combination of blues, purples, and lavenders creates such a timeless flower arrangement.

French country floral basket arrangement

Today’s faux florals are so good, that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish them from the real ones.

French Country Home Flower Basket

–>Tip: I used these removable and clear self-adhesive hooks to hang the basket on the inside of my front door without damaging it. They hold up to 44 pounds, which is way more than enough for this flower basket!

French Country Flower Basket Arrangement

I love having this pretty basket arrangement hanging on my front door. It’s especially lovely in the morning when the natural light comes flooding in from these east-facing windows.

French country home

You could certainly hang this basket on the outside of your front door as well, but just remember that fresh-cut flowers can’t withstand too much hot direct sunlight.

In a different basket, this would make a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table or for a special occasion.

I can’t wait for more of my own fresh flowers to be ready for cutting, so I can play with this basket a bit more over the summer. My tulips and peonies will be ready to cut soon, followed by my hydrangeas and garden roses.

So many floral arrangements, so little time…

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Next, I hope you’ll pop over to Lora Bloomquist’s home to see her gorgeous spring basket door decor.

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23 thoughts on “French Country Floral Basket Arrangement

  1. Niky, your basket turned out sooo pretty! I love the fabric you chose with its French country vibe!! I know you already know, I was happy to feature your post at last week’s Share Your Style #387. <3

    Hope you are enjoying your spring! The heat is coming…
    Big hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  2. How lovely to have flowers on the inside of the door, I’ve often thought it’s a shame that a wreath on a front can only been seen from the outside! The fabric wrap on the basket is a beautiful touch.

  3. What a pretty arrangement, Niky. I love how you wrapped the ribbon around the basket. I’ve used those blue hyacinths from Trader Joe’s, and they are beautiful and last a long time. Enjoy your pretty basket.

  4. Great minds think alike Niky! Lunch sacks and baggies are the best! Love how you chose a crock too for the one on the floor. I need to do that! It all looks so perfectly spring and lovely. Thank you for joining in. pinned

  5. Such a beautiful arrangement and it looks so pretty inside your door. I love that idea. Adding the fabric adds even more texture and interest too. Love it all.

  6. Love the clean lines of the entry too! Pinned the staircase image because I am obsessed with updating our banisters! Love these challenges! Great job Niky!

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