Farmhouse Style Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint

Mud room baskets

Paint is one of the easiest ways to upcycle something old and outdated, and make it fresh and modern again. This farmhouse style basket makeover with chalk paint is the perfect example of that. For just a few bucks, and about an hour of my time, I gave them a whole new attitude.

These three wicker baskets used to hold laundry supplies above the washer and dryer in my last house. When we moved, I held onto them, because they were in great shape, but they just didn’t work with the style and color scheme of our new place. They’ve been hanging out in my basement for a couple of years, waiting for their chance to shine again. Today is their lucky day!

Farmhouse Style Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint

What kind of paint to use?

My favorite spray paint for this type of project is Rustoleum Chalked Spray Paint. I chose Country Gray, but it comes in several beautiful shades. The “Chalked” line from Rustoleum has the perfect matte finish that I wanted for this farmhouse style basket makeover with chalk paint.

Using spray paint allows it to get into all those nooks and crannies of your basket.

How much paint?

I only bought one can, and I just barely managed to squeek out enough paint for these three smallish baskets. My suggestion is to buy extra. You can always return it if you don’t need it, but there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of paint in the middle of a project, right?

It takes more paint than you think to fill in all those little basket crevices.

Before I began, I removed the red fabric liners, and gave the baskets a good dusting, then just spread them out on a piece of cardboard. I sprayed the top sides, and interior first, and then let them dry for 15 minutes or so before turning them upside down and giving the outsides and bottoms of the baskets a nice even coat of spray paint.

Baskets being painted for

How can you add some farmhouse style to your baskets?

For my baskets, I decided to add these rustic cast iron numbers that I got at Hobby Lobby. They were $5 each, but if you catch them on one of Hobby Lobby’s 40% or 50% off sales, you can pick them up for much cheaper. HERE are some similar ones on Amazon.

Originally, I wanted numbers with some special significance for me and my family, but of course, Hobby Lobby was out of some of the numbers I wanted, so I just went with a more traditional 1,2,3. But wouldn’t it be fun to choose random numbers with a personal meaning? The day of your anniversary, your lucky number, the birthdays for each of your children? I like things that are little more unexpected.

If Hobby Lobby runs these on sale again, I may look for some other numbers and change mine out later.

a Farmhouse Style Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint

Since they are meant to be address numbers, they aready had holes in them, and just attached them to the baskets with twine, for that farmhouse look I wanted.

Where to display your “new” baskets?

These baskets are idea for a mudroom or pantry. They are a great way to hide all the little odds and ends like mittens, hats, scarves, the dog leash, masks, hand sanitizer… all the things that collect in here!

I currently have these awesome chevron woven baskets from Target in my mudroom, but these 3 upcycle baksets would play nicely in here with the chevron ones, don’t you think? I could mix and match them.

a Farmhouse Style Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint

My mudroom is really open, so baskets are really important in keeping it looking tidy and pretty. You can hide a lot of stuff in baskets, and still get a streamlined, pretty outward appearance.

These baskets would also work perfect in a pantry, or on a shelf. Here, I have them on the bottom shelf of my entryway table. These baskets would be great for dropping keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc near the primary entrance to your home.

I just love these kinds of projects! Something unused finds a new purpose, and it cost me only a few bucks, and an hour of my time.

Oh! And I saved the red fabric liners from these basics to recycle into another new project! I can’t wait to show you that one soon, too. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style Basket Makeover with Chalk Paint

  1. These are so cute the way you have them styled Niky! I painted a basket last year and explored many ways of painting it, but in the end spray paint is the way to go! I learned that one the hard way.

  2. FABULOUS upcycle, Niky! We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

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