Entry Table Decor Ideas

It’s time again for another fun Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Cindy from County Road 407! This month’s challenge is all about creating beautiful spring vignettes and entry table decor ideas.

If you’re stopping by from Bluesky at Home, I’m so glad you found your way here! Carol’s designs are always so pretty.

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If you haven’t heard about the Pinterest Challenge before, here’s how it works: Several different bloggers take the same photo, and create something similar that will work in their own homes, and with their own style. It’s so fun to see all the different interpretations of the same photo!

You can see some of my past Pinterest Challenge posts here:

Our inspiration photo this month comes from Leen at Sand Dollar Lane.

Entry Table Decor Ideas

She has created such a pretty entryway console table for spring using neutral colors accented with greenery. It looks so fresh and vibrant, so my goal was to create something with a similar spring vibe.

My Entry Table Decor Ideas for Spring

I created this first version, and while I liked it, I decided to also try a second version with fewer items for a more minimalistic look.

Version 1

Entry Table Decor Ideas for Spring, Farmhouse Console Table

Version 2

Entry Table Decor Ideas for console table or wooden entry table
—> You can see the tutorial for the basket upcycle HERE.

I like them both! What about you? Do you have a preference?

I think the takeaway here is to gather up several of the items you might want to use in your spring vignette and just experiment a little until you are satisfied.

The cohesive color scheme is key, however. I used primarily neutrals and greens, which pulls it all together as one vignette.

entrance table and Entry Table Decor Ideas for foyer table decor
The Aloe & Bergamont green jar candle is from Target, and is my new favorite candle for spring! It smells so good!

Using Books in Your Entry Table Decor

Using books is a great way to add interest and also height to your displays.

If your books have too much color or pattern, especially colors that don’t work with your color scheme, then covering them in brown paper is an easy way to fix that!

For my console table, some of the books I selected worked well, because they contained greens or neutrals colors…and the ones that didn’t just got wrapped in brown paper.

using books for Entry Table Decor Ideas

I bought this Dining with the Washingtons book at Mount Vernon, and it’s still one of my favorites. I used it to bake this Martha Washington Pound Cake, remember?

Not only is it a favorite book, but the bright green color worked well with my display, making it the perfect choice to add even more height to my green glass jug and faux spring peonies.

The book underneath it, Our Amazing World of Nature, is a recent antique mall find.

Use Items that are Meaningful to You

I always like to include a few sentimental pieces in my vignettes.

The tiny succulents are from my daughter’s baby shower, and several of the other pieces were my mother’s, including the woven blanket, the green and white china sugar bowl, and the handblown green jar.

The handblown glass piece still has a piece of tape on the back with my mother’s handwriting, reminding her that my dad got it for her when he chaperoned my 8th-grade school trip to Washington, D.C. ❤️

It’s these little details that make creating a vignette so fun. They are the perfect opportunity to display and enjoy some of the special pieces that you might not have out all of the time.

Even More Spring Decor Ideas

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Next, I hope you’ll pop over to see the beautiful spring vignette from Lora Bloomquist. All of the other fresh, spring designs are linked up below, too.

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14 thoughts on “Entry Table Decor Ideas

  1. I loved the tip of covering books with brown paper! I definitely struggle with keeping up with a color scheme in my vignettes, so I can’t wait to try that hack out. We just had our annual carpet cleaning which means it’s about time for me to start switching up our decor for spring, and I’m excited to attempt to decorate my entry way like you!

  2. I love putting together vignettes using things I already have around the house. Your entry table vignettes are charming. I especially like your use of books and natural elements (plants and greenery).

  3. I love them both! Your mom’s handwriting on your jar is just so sweet. It’s amazing that you kept it on this long! Having sentimental items like that does make it more special! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators.
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  4. Niky, I love both versions of your Spring table, but the second is my fave! Less is often more and allows your eye to slowly travel around all the goodies!! The flowers in the blue vase is such a pretty touch!!

  5. Hard to choose one, they’re both so fun and perfectly decorated for spring. I especially love the green jar with the tape on the back. I know people did that way back when but I wish people did it now. Maybe they do but since I’m not sentimental at all I don’t think of it? Hmmm. Thanks for joining in Niky. Always fun seeing what you put together.

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